How to create and protect the child’s curiosity

How to create and protect the child's curiosity

How to create and protect the child’s curiosity
Famous American popular science writer Amor J thought: science begins with curiosity. This world famous physicist Dr. Li Zhengdao also said: to engage in scientific research, we can not do without the curiosity, only curious to put forward the problem, analysis of the problem, to solve the problem. Numerous examples have been record card, curiosity is the child in the course of development of a sum of intangible property, it is the child might be invisible free flying henchmen. As parents, we should do our best to protect the child’s curiosity, the children do not break off this pair of wings.
So, how should we create and protect the child’s curiosity?
First of all, parents should give their children to create a new, interesting space for development. Children’s curiosity is strong, but it is not to say that the child at any time, to any thing all reflect a violent curiosity, only those new and interesting tool to arouse their interest. Children in early childhood, parents should learn in the child’s room or a small bed to put some color beautiful pictures and can make sounds of toys, promote children to explore the physiological growth. Children to about two years old, parents can tell their children stories, do some small hand, small to carry out the child’s curiosity. Children can reading literacy of the age, parents can be properly the child characteristics of copies of the original cause the child’s curiosity. Children are encouraged to register into the to explore the knowledge of the infinite secrets.
Second, treat the child’s “why”. Many parents invented their children cannot raise the question: “river why are winding? Why call buy tools rather than buy a north-south?” is not excessive to the adult, deaf ears, some of the topics very “silly”, incident originally such, why not, like the original satire questions “why Apple only to lose the Newton, disdain surprise in transpiration pot of hot water to the w as. There is no stupid question, but a stupid question. So, facing the child’s question, how should we answer his question, the question to the child, parents should reflect the strong interest, must not be silent. At the same time, parents in the child to answer the question to have enlighten, to carefully guide the child, the child’s curiosity turned to be good at analysis and positive thinking to come up, and cannot understand the problem, parents do not have to reluctantly that can tell him: these things, you will read the book much more, understand the principle, will be able to understand. In order to encourage children to learn knowledge further.
Once again, the accurate view of the child’s curiosity and lead to the crushing action. “Crushing” the intention is to break the shackles, breaking the limit. There is a break, will have a stand. Breaking is the condition and foundation of creation and invention, which is necessary to break the courage, confidence and circumstance that can be broken. As a pass parents, encountered the same situation, restraint is not the best approach them, oh scold them, we can under the proper guidance and protection conditions and appreciate them, encourage them, treat, and support children of certain “crush” action, make them in the “crushing” and “informal” learn thinking, to explore, to create, let their creativity greater play, let their thirst for knowledge, curiosity and innovative mind to get more exercise and training. Shelter this confidence, curiosity and courage, the courage to explore energy. We may have lost some of the spoils, but ultimate accomplishments is a wisdom of creative children, one can probably to create the child in the future. Is this not the search for all the parents?
Finally, the curiosity of the child to the big natural. Natural to change the situation and mysteries the many splendours of the incomparable attracts curious children, parents should often bring the child to devote himself to natural, let the children visited the spring in all sorts of Cordyceps flower change; in the summer night, to the edges of fields, chasing fireflies fluorescence; in late autumn, in the vast wilderness stop, let the children to feel some harvest happy; in winter, Luoying colorful, patches of snow, let the children in exploring the secrets of nature has been the purification of the soul… No doubt, this is all the cause of the child’s curiosity, to guide the child the more hot love and natural love of science good practice.

Create a warm family atmosphere, so that the girl with a sense of peace

Create a warm family atmosphere, so that the girl with a sense of peace

Create a warm family atmosphere, so that the girl with a sense of peace
Create a good family atmosphere, to cultivate children’s vital.
In the eyes of their parents, the girls like sand, although beautiful beautiful, but fragile tender. A minute ago also stand proudly, a seemingly unassailable to against all enemies, but the next minute, the tide will erosion cornerstone of self doubt, triggering the collapse. This needs the parents to help her daughter to establish a stable life foundation – a sense of peace, not to put her on the beach”. For girls, a warm family is safe, is stable, is her strength and all.
Renmin University of China Information Institute, Professor Luo Yan in my blog on my story:
Luo Yan a person with a daughter Luo small life, small like a flower beloved small bud, let mother pamper unceasingly, but the child appears on his father in the side can not understand. Little often asked: “why don’t you live with us?” Luo Yan is said ruefully: “he abandoned our mother.”
A, small and dad come in to play, came back to Luo Yan said: “Mom, Dad today and I sit bus time is too crowded the, his hand caught breaking!” Luo Yan no repercussions, about her ex husband. She had no favor, small see mother unsmiling, closed not mentioning the matter, even in later life, rarely in front of mom mention dad.
Small seemed adaptation alone and Luo Yan in the life together. She is very lovely also very happy, this let Luo Yan is very happy, said parents divorce, the biggest victims are children, okay my daughter no anything unusual. Until one day, Luo Yan inadvertently heard a small sentence, she was aware of her heart or a pimple don’t untie, although she did not say, but deep in the subconscious, the psychological background of her or thick or thin.
At that time, Luo Yan with little to go to see my tutor. My wife also retired at home, beloved little extra love to see, not as busy to come up with a lot of snacks for her. A little too soon found that in my grandparents’ house, nestled in her arms, “grandma” “grandmother” cried. Luo Yan down, so he and mentor to his study to talk about some academic problems.
Do not inadvertently, Luo Yan heard little childish voice from the living room came: “grandma, my father and mother divorced, my father a long time didn’t and we together, I was afraid, afraid of mother don’t want me, so I must behave obediently…” Luo Yan’s heart a tight family, incomplete or give the child form a psychological shadow. Luo Yan’s thought of chaos, teacher looked at her silently, without words.
After returning home, Luo Yan want and daughter talk about getting a divorce, but watching the young daughter, she opened her mouth and on the. Luo Yan is in the heart of a sigh, she reminds me of my childhood.
Luo strict 5 years time, father left mother and another love. At that time, mother, overwhelmed with grief, with a rope to Luo Yankun prepare together to jump off a building, but to see Luo Yan cried sadly, this just forget about it. No father in the growth process of side, let her not to the man to that she chose a irresponsible man married. Perhaps, because his father abandoned his mother, let me feel all the men will be discarded, so early in the texture of life to take part in the unfortunate elements, which led me to really go into the unfortunate.
Although Luo Yan is an excellent university teachers, but on this issue, she didn’t know how to deal with, of course, she did not want such a misfortune in her continued, but now seems I gave her some negative implications. She knew I was going to take action.
Old man under the moon every year busy between men and women in the matchmaking, but it happens every year a lot of men and women snapped the red line to fly their. This is most cannot thing in the world. No matter who you are, do not want the tragedy of chain sets and was caught in a snare my children, but most of the time, parents of an unhappy marriage, the child is difficult to grasp the marriage. Even if there is no divorce of parents, if every day living in the smoke of war, the same will let the children do not have a sense of peace, sensitive girl in particular. Therefore, education is important, but the family atmosphere is more important. As parents, we must create a warm environment for the children.
In the hearts of the children, home is warm, peace of the central, there is a father and mother of the central, can play at home, relax, learn, grow. So, how to create a good family atmosphere?
First, to establish a harmonious relationship between husband and wife
The love between husband and wife can bring the child to bring psychological peace, the child from here to understand what is love, what is concerned, but also from here to learn how to get along with people. If there is no harmonious relationship, it is difficult to say what a warm family environment. To let her daughter grow up in Ankang happy, parents are the first to get along with the primary condition. Parents should pay attention to the following points:
1 communication between husband and wife.
2 time to set aside a couple.
3 enjoy the fun of playing with the kids.
Second, create a warm family topic
We often in family ethical play see people who sit around chatting together, happy, little with kind of slapstick, comfortable feel, the interpretation of the true meaning of “home”. Able to say, often create a warm atmosphere for all family members to participate in the topic can also create.
Third, the couple shared rearing responsibilities
Husband and wife should bear common rearing obligation. Even husband and wife divorce, but also to assume a shared obligation of female education, at least in the understanding of the girl to save traces of a “home” to her. If you can get a double love of parents, then divorce on children’s injury will be much smaller.
Flowers need pure soil, children need warm family. The girl grew up in the family harmony will have an indifferent to Enron’s temperament, to the world and life have a very positive understanding, can actively to weave my interpersonal relationship network, and can live happily in the. As parents, it is an obligation to create a warm family environment for children.
Parenting experts give suggestions
Breeze and rain storms have different effects on seedlings, the former to seedling growth of nutrients and is likely to be ruined seedlings of life. Create a warm family atmosphere, the first to dispose of the relationship between the couple, which is the premise of all education. For girls, parents’ love is she grows the best nourishment, even on the side to watch the love between parents, a child is a positive education, because it can help us to describe her a beautiful feeling in the world.

Pay attention to nonverbal communication with children

Pay attention to nonverbal communication with children

Pay attention to nonverbal communication with children
Mother and child did not use a language, but they are very smooth communication between the parent-child relationship, which will make every mother is very jealous. And this is the magic of smile and nod.
The study by Mei Ruibin Albert of the linguists shows that the communication between people is 93%, and only 7% of them are communicated through the language. Thus, the importance of nonverbal communication in communication.
In all non verbal communication, there are 55% of the body language through facial expression, body posture and gestures, and only 38% is carried out by the tone of the.
Thus, Mei Ruibin Albert proposed a famous communication formula: the total effect of communication =7% +38% of the +55% of the tone of facial expression.
Thus, the non language information in the process of communication with the child is particularly important.
Here, we refer to a concept called “non language communication”. This concept is actually very good understanding, in short, except in the language of communication, which is called non language communication. The point is that the use of appropriate eyes, tone, movements, etc. to communicate with their children. As to give the child a smile, an appreciation of the eyes, a sure hug.
In real life, many mothers often use the language communication, which is often ignored or very little communication with the child to communicate with the child.
Non verbal communication is very important for children, especially in the specific environment, non language communication is often expressed in a specific meaning.
For example, a child in a contest in the first place, I hope to get the approval of the mother, this time, if the mother said, “son, you are awesome, mother because you and proud!” Mother said, the child will be very happy. But if her mother smiled and walked up to the child, give him a strong hug, and tell the child: “son, mother because you are proud of.” In this way, the child will never forget the mother’s appreciation and encouragement.

Seven effective methods of family education

Seven effective methods of family education
One, in family education, the most common way is to talk. The quality of conversation is closely related to the art of conversation.
Talk, is in a democratic and harmonious atmosphere, between parents and children who talk. The time to talk should be appropriate, the topic of conversation should be useful, the child is interested. Talk before, parents should induce children free to the truth to pour out. Then the himself above the child insights as a gift rebate to the child. Through the exchange of ideas between parents and children, so that children receive education and enlightenment. The parents say, children learn to listen, no feedback, is not a genuine exchange. As for parents by talking to the child of sarcastic rebuke, seize a trivial chatter endlessly, offensive to children boring is not desirable.
The art of conversation is mainly reflected in the application of the method of capturing and talking in the time of conversation. In general, both parents and children in a bad mood, especially in a fit of anger, don’t talk; in the story are still not clear, don’t talk; an outsider, especially in the presence of the guests, please do not do critical conversation; at the dinner table, in children before sleeping, also should not be critical of the conversation. The characteristics of family education is “meet a thing is instruct”, so educational opportunity to grasp nimbly, all from the need of education, especially education effect of, the child can be accepted as the norm. Talk there can be a variety of ways, such as casual, investigative, incentive, serious criticism and education etc. can be used. The gossipy, informal time, place, content, a brighter future, relaxed and happy to talk, children are often welcome way of talking.
A successful conversation, like children will be salutary influence of education, educational.
Two, the art of the activities with the children
Family atmosphere is one of the important factors in the implementation of family education, with the children in the activities, is one of the effective ways to create a good family atmosphere.
In life, parents and children are a lot of opportunities to work together.
Go out with the kids. Is the beauty of nature: flowers in spring, the summer cicadas, autumn leaves, winter snow, the child will have endless appeal. Parents pinched season with children on an outing, proportionally to the natural scenery will give children a better reverie and vision, called home long for fun in childhood memories. Common state of mind and language, so that the distance between old and young, all of a sudden disappear, how much of the content of education can be in the present moment.
Go sightseeing with the kids. If you can bring children to the field trip, the children are the most happy. Those places of interest and various exhibitions are worth a visit. Visit, if the parents can do brilliantly explanation, children are the most admired; such as lack of knowledge, forcing parents to turn the pages to find information, it can win the child’s heart.
Shopping with children in Shangjie. Small children like to parents shop, way points people love thing, parents can took the opportunity to introduce a product knowledge and instill a sense of thrifty. Children grow up a little, can be home, for their own shopping, parents accompany when the staff, while buying and talking, while watching the side, while walking along the two generations of mutual security, is a good opportunity for education.
Play with children. After dinner, holidays, a family the development of expertise, blowing, play, sing, chatting, let the family is full of happy atmosphere, and enhance the cohesion of the family and life taste.
Parents and children work together a lot of content and activities is to eliminate the generation gap, harmonious feelings, entertaining activities, let family education in joy, cordial, free activities in.
Three, praise, reward Art
Praise and reward for children is also very learning.
Praise and reward children, you can encourage children to repeat good habits formed; in recognition and reward can stimulate the child’s progress, is conducive to the cultivation of children’s self-esteem and honor, to cultivate children’s ability to self constraint, but also enhance the child’s feeling of non sense, to help parents and children’s emotional deepening.
Election of the children to fulfill the requirements of parents, hope can give praise, reward; children have good behavior, although only signs, but also can give praise, reward; children completed a difficult task, the performance of the brave quality or a certain amount of perseverance, parents praise and reward; the children get the glorious Title, parents should praise and reward.
Praise, reward the way a lot of children should be based on the spirit of the main. For example: praise, praise, nod, smile, intimacy, to achieve the purpose of encouraging the child to progress. Material rewards also want to have, for young children, the necessary material reward is also a good education means. Can give books and clothes and toys, school supplies, etc., but careful with money, but can not let the children of small age, pure heart premature dye copper odor.

Parents want to hold the opportunity to praise and reward. Children excited, come quickly, go quickly, parents have to grasp the child’s psychological pulse, the praise, the reward should be timely, so that their performance can be enhanced, to consolidate. If a belated effort would weaken the incentive effect.
Again, praise or reward or, to be realistic, because this is a child of a kind of evaluation, to let the children in recognition and reward to recognize themselves. Too high, easy to let the child blindly meet; too low, and not easy to achieve the purpose of incentive. In addition, praise, reward, the attitude of parents should be sincere, it is best not to promise in advance, once promised to keep your word; not to the extent of the degree of reward and children bargain.
In recent years, some scholars “to” appreciation education “is called the” universal education “, and said:” to appreciate the child, can be fabricated. ” This argument is open to question, it is not scientific to use a method of education to replace all the means of education.
Four, the art of apologizing to the child
In family life, parents say the wrong thing, do something wrong, even wronged the child is often occur, how to deal with such a problem, also be really tutor of art.
Parents and children in the family should be democratic and equal relationship, parents do something wrong or wronged children, should take the initiative to apologize. This will not affect the credibility of the parents, but will not undermine the dignity of parents; instead, will give the child a mistake to change the example, will make the child sincerely admire their parents’ quality and self-cultivation, and thus more trust their parents, parents will not only reduce the dignity, but will be higher, but also to create a relaxed family, harmonious and democratic atmosphere conducive to the growth of children.
, of course, apologize to the parents, to admit their mistakes, especially to the child to apologize, admit and attitude must be sincere, not perfunctory, not looking for objective reasons, sincerely to seek understanding.
Five, tolerance of Art
Tolerance refers to the children do wrong after, parents with a spacious mind accept the child’s fault, they did not radical language rap, accountability has not pursued, this will make the child’s heart by deep remorse, and remorse, guilt of his past into, calm thinking, promote the in parents’ generosity to repent.
Give two examples to illustrate:
When Lenin was 8 years old, she went to her aunt’s house with her mother. He accidentally broke a vase, nobody saw, to investigate the cause of the problem when he didn’t admit fear. Lenin naughty is playing in the careful aunt guessed, but she remained silent, waiting for his son and the people in the germination of shame. After three months, the mother lovingly stroked the sons head, want to have words, unexpectedly Lenin burst into tears told the vase. Mother comfort her son, and tolerance of him. The mother knows that the son is in the moral struggle of the heart, the beauty of the quality of the United States, the quality of the victory.
India Sancho Gandhi, a teenager into a bad habit of smoking, and to steal money to buy cigarettes. He felt pain and remorse, the deterioration process in detail to write in a notebook, and plucked up the courage to hand it to the father, eager to get his father’s teachings and punishment. The father did not blame him, but for a long time staring at Gandhi, two lines of tears rolling down. The father of tolerance so that Gandhi has been a great shock, since then, Gandhi repent thoroughly of one’s misdeeds on the right path.
Obviously, tolerance is a very good education means. Application, it is recommended to pay attention to the following points:
The premise of the implementation of tolerance education, must be a child of their own mistakes have been recognized, and feel guilty, and the use of tolerance can be used.
Parents are ready to forgive the child’s fault, it should be from the expression, tone, tone of the child’s parents are very sad to make mistakes, and believe that they can repent. Such as the mother of Lenin, Lenin, Gandhi’s father’s tears, they are excellent education. Parents are not desirable indifferent attitude, make children feel a sense of relief, no pressure, lack of correct determination.
Tolerance, is in order to let the children form a good habit and moral character, and this habit and moral character only in practice can produce and consolidate. The parents do not because the child a thing did not do a good job, don’t let the children hands-on involvement in the, to allow the child to do things, but also to the child a tolerance.
Tolerance, not equal to laissez faire, abdicated. Tolerance is a positive education, the journey is the performance of the parents of dereliction of duty.

Six, criticism of Art
Criticism is a common means in family education, parents criticized the child to the child bad thoughts, behavior, quality give negative evaluation, and give warning, causing their guilt, pain and regret, from the shortcomings and mistakes in lessons, don’t repeat them.
To be fair and reasonable. There is a bit of a mistake, it is not wrong to criticize the child; the criticism is wrong today, but also with the previous mistakes, a point of the wrong, always when the very wrong to criticize, these estimates are not appropriate. Inspirational so parents meet the child’s shortcomings, to understand the plot, ascertain the reason, proper estimation of degree of error, not under unclear circumstances, on the child unwarranted accusations, arbitrary superclass, scapegoating, disorderly hazard analysis. If so, not only to achieve the purpose of education, it will cause the child’s reverse psychology, is not conducive to solving the problem.
In the way of criticism should be the first to the right, and then the wrong; the first recognition of the past, and then pointed out today; and even the first self criticism, and then criticize the child. Criticize the child can be serious, even can be tough, but it is not rude, it does not mean sarcasm, ridicule. Otherwise it will hurt the child’s self-esteem, is bound to cause the emotional opposition.
We often say “number ten, not as long as the award.” In the education of children, in order to positive incentives, but not to deny the criticism of the mistakes, shortcomings and mistakes, and even punish. Criticism can be used, but not too much, too much abuse, not to criticize as parents of education means. In addition, criticism, punishment is a negative, a kind of pressure, but also can become an incentive, a power. As parents, we must face the problem of the child, trying to control their own emotional impulse, and enhance the awareness of education, pay attention to the art of criticism.
Seven, set an example of Art
We often say that the power of example is infinite. Family education in the words and deeds, so that the content of education, personality, so that the child is infected with the image of education, and enhance the attractiveness and effectiveness of education, encourage children to imitate, learn noble moral behavior, self correcting their bad behavior.
The younger the child’s age, the greater the infection of the model. As a child by example, the impression will be very deep, and even will be unforgettable.
Parents are children’s most important learning model. Parents are the child of a person of exemplary virtue, the words and deeds of their parents is the most intuitive teaching materials for children to learn, parents set a good example of the demonstration can not only enhance reasoning credibility and infectious, but also like a spring moisten things to play the same monasteries, a subtle role. Therefore, parents should always behave yourself, with your good behavior first, make a model for the children’s moral cultivation.
Of course, in the family education, the role of the model is not spontaneous, parents need to give guidance. How should parents choose for their children and set an example for their children? By telling stories, watching television, reading and other ways to promote and establish a revolutionary leader, hero model, the history of the outstanding characters and literary works of the positive image of the positive impact of education, children, so that they become a model for the child. Because in their body to gather the Chinese nation’s outstanding moral character, should become the child learn to be a person’s criterion. To make the child from the deep education, parents must first of all these characters have a profound understanding of the state of mind, there is a deep feeling to influence, influence, guide children.
Parents should also pay attention to the children in the same age, the students in the class, for the children to find a learning model, which can increase the sense of learning. These people are children of the same age partners, a comparison of similar life experiences, companion has shown good thoughts, good moral character, good style, children are more familiar with, easy to understand, accept, more can inspire the vigor of learning. But parents remember, can not be designed to pick up the advantages of students, strengths and weaknesses of their children, compared to the opportunity to take the opportunity to irony, ridicule child. If parents often say: “you look at the children, you look at you, you make me sad!” This way of education can only play a negative role, so that children have a negative. The right approach is to seize the opportunity, inspired by self – learning, enhance self-confidence, willing to learn.

Parents should set a good example for their children.

Parents should set a good example for their children.

Parents should set a good example for their children.
Family education, as the name implies, refers to the education of parents in the family life, from the parents to their children. A few days ago, the Ministry of Education issued a formal document to strengthen family education work to propose a package of guidance, the importance of family education.
Family education problem has been concerned by people since ancient times. It is the starting point and basic point of education. It begins with the birth of a child, a good family education is a necessary condition for training high quality talents.
A few days ago, the Ministry of Education issued a formal document to strengthen family education work to propose a package of guidance, let us take a look at the parents in family education responsibility.
Education children
Is the legal responsibility of parents or other guardians
To fulfill the duties of family education according to law
Parents should be timely understand the children of different ages and growth characteristics, truly teach students in accordance with their aptitude, and constantly improve the family education targeted;
Always adhere to the children, respect for children’s reasonable needs and personality, the creation of suitable for children to grow up with the necessary conditions and life situation, and strive to grasp the law of family education;
Enhance their own quality and ability, and actively play a role model, and the school, the community to form a joint force to avoid the lack of education and less care, education and improper, and effectively enhance the effectiveness of family education.
Not “tiger mother”, “wolf dad”
Strictly follow the child’s growth
Preschool children’s parents should provide their children with healthy, rich life and active environment, develop their children’s health, good living habits and moral behavior, so that they can be happy in the childhood life to get useful in the development of physical and mental experience.
Primary school students’ parents want to supervise their children to adhere to physical exercise, the growth of self-protection knowledge and basic self-help skills, to encourage participation in labor, develop good habits and learning habits, and guide children to learn to Thanksgiving parents, honest, honest work.
Middle school students’ parents want to carry out gender education, media literacy education, to cultivate children’s positive learning attitude, with the school to reduce the burden on children with overweight, guiding children to learn to choose. School students, parents of negative growth and the elimination of interest, not blindly, classes, not the “tiger mother”, “wolf dad”.
Parents have to recognize the importance of family education.
We many parents believe that children, only concerned about the body and children with food and clothing problems, as for children’s learning and education for the school and teacher to can.
2014 Zhejiang province is concerned about the next generation of advanced personal Yang Renzhong believe that this view is actually wrong. Same teacher in the same class, but some students have good grades, some students have to be worse, the key lies in children usually have different family education, but many parents do not realize this.
Yang Renzhong since 1998 he was vice president of Yuhuan Chumen Town Central Primary school play, they serve as Truman town long – shut – in committee member and secretary, retired in 2013 after entering the Truman Zhen Guan Working Committee Office, from is related to the Committee of the Secretary General in his work. At the same time, he also served as Yuhuan County closes Working Committee “Oro” propaganda team members, legal help cult members etc. Multiple post education work, for family education has rich experience. In his view, the focus of family education lies in the importance of parents to understand the importance of family education.
Family is the people’s attachment to the place, which is the earliest accept influence of education and the place, is to accept the education and influence the longest place, with parents, words and deeds, always sneak into the child’s mind, shape a child’s character, virtue. Therefore, parents are children’s first teachers, family education in children’s growth process, both the sound development of morality, intelligence, or on the body healthy growth plays an important special role, which is can’t be substituted by any education.
Parents should set an example for their children
Parents good moral character and behavior habits, positive and optimistic, energetic and enterprising attitude towards life, and cultural quality is the premise of their children’s education. Because children when they are young and in the family space activities for the longest time, opportunities for interaction, so the influence of parents of children most strongly. Parents are in the influence character by environment influence every word and action of children, child education.
Former Soviet educator Makarenko in parents read a book said: “how do you dress, how talking to others, how to talk about other people, how do you say joy and the unhappiness, how to treat friends and enemies, how to laugh, how to read newspaper, all of these are of great significance to children.” Yang Renzhong believes that any parents in order to educate the next generation, we must first educate and shape themselves, to establish a good example for the children.
But some parents in the US, because consciousness lack of understanding, in front of the children do not pay attention to their own behavior, give the child some negative effects, resulting in children who have gone astray.
Yang Renzhong tells the story of a many years ago. A village secretary’s son, because in the school does not listen to the teacher’s discipline, the teacher will leave the students after class, and asked him to write guarantee. The child’s parents did not work, to the school scene, also threatened to “clean up” the teacher. The school repeatedly with the parents explain, and do the ideological work of the parents, but this name in the village Shuoyibuer, grumpy CunZhiShu dad did not listen. Five years later, the junior high school children haven’t graduated into the society, make some dubious friends, robbery in the community, was sentenced to five years’ imprisonment.
“Parents should have a positive and optimistic attitude towards life, dedication, love of labor and learning outside, should also decency, personally, words and deeds, not a set of surface, behind the set, in a kind of outside, at home is also a way.” Yang Renzhong said that if parents do poorly, the couple quarrel, the elders are not respected, then how can we teach children to live in peace, teach children to respect their elders, Kong Zi said: “the body is, do not make the line, its body is not, although not from”. Therefore, the education of children, start from their own.
Create a good family atmosphere
Create a good family tradition, to create a good family atmosphere, is extremely important for the growth of children. In a sense, family education is the education of family environment. Yang Renzhong reminded that some of the negative impact of family environment, parents should be avoided.
Such as some parents at home reading and playing unhealthy even yellow books and video tapes; some parents all day playing mahjong gambling, but also lead to the child contracted the bad habit of gambling, opening the Pandora’s box; and the family parents divorced, children deprived of family warmth.
Yang Renzhong met before a case, a junior high school students’ father addicted to gambling, often at home opened gambling, a friend something home looking for him, he left the table to the son said: “come on, you come to the father’s generation for a while.” This generation, let his son also lost on gambling.
And one of the parents tell their children learn. Otherwise, next is difficult to in the community based, which know children plausibly to said: “you said it yourself, more knowledge, more poor, silly like Dr, poor like a professor, why I should be so hard to read?” Can be seen that the parents usually at home with people complaining, the child would have to listen to in the ear, remember in the heart, plus the child’s ability to distinguish between non ability, this negative misleading in the minds of children.
“Thus the importance of family atmosphere, and to create a good tradition, a very important point is to have a harmonious interpersonal relationship between all members of the family.” Yang Renzhong said that the family members of the mutual respect, understanding, trust and care is one of the essential factors in the formation of family atmosphere. Family is a safe haven for life, is the cradle of the child’s growth. Harmonious interpersonal relationships among family members can make the child a good mood, optimistic attitude and positive outlook on life. The tension of family relationships, it will cause the child’s psychological pressure, resulting in negative pessimism, the family lost faith, serious and even lead to the child’s mental illness.
In one study, 81% of the batterer is not abused in childhood is their father mother beat. Due to family discord, contradiction of tired and run away from home, tempting, looking for new spiritual sustenance, and then go astray and finally leads to crime are numerous examples.
Yang Renzhong believes that everyone’s family environment are different, some wealthy families, some families in poverty, but it does not determine the pros and cons of a family atmosphere. Some impoverished family, but family harmony, noble aspiration, the spirit of the rich; some wealthy families, but spiritual emptiness, the conversation is vulgar, family feud.
So optimize family environment, create a good family tradition, depending on family members create a good interpersonal relationship, but also as possible: concerned about neighbors, concerned about national affairs, concerned about the public welfare undertakings, zunlaoaiyou, cleaning up the environment. Everyone pick the burden of the family. And try to give the children to create a more relaxed, comfortable, quiet learning environment.
As a parent, as far as possible out of time, to understand the children’s views of learning, life and all kinds of problems, any potential guidance, correct the child’s mistakes. And play with the children as much as possible. Let the children take their parents as their intimate friend, and not a day of issue orders left and right “commander”.

Parents’ behavior is a role model for children.

Parents' behavior is a role model for children.

Parents’ behavior is a role model for children.
Family education is not a revolution, can get into overnight, but is not a dinner party, available hand. Family education requires parents to slow down, think about what you want to give the child, what can give the child, how to grow with the child. Can not throw the other half, the couple can not be absent, but also have their own life, after all, in the family relationship, the couple is the core.
Both father and mother have to be on the basis of their own, try to use their own love and good, and is more easy to accept the child, to lead the child from the cognitive, explore the world, to grow into a family social citizen.
To slow down, to share the growth; to slow down, know that the child has their own physiological maturity, the rhythm is more useful and effective; slow in understanding the starting line is not others, but your own set, starting slow is to save some strength.
In family education, parents are most in need of Education — including the child’s parents and grandparents, grandma grandpa. As the most loving and caring for children, they are more and more attention to the education of their children, but their educational ideas are not the same. The current education system is still unshakable, because our parents’ education idea and the relatively poor level!
Are you and I are running high speed, but also can think of childhood dream?
Education should be a fan of your way, the child’s role model
What kind of role does the child need?
Parents do their own right?
How to give a good example to the environment?
In a children’s party recorded live in part of the draw, sitting next to me the child seat number have been drawn in, and his mother are urging him up to accept the award, and said “anyway also no one to check”. For education on children’s concerns, I didn’t get up to let the children go out to go to, intended to remind parents not to force children go the wrong way. However, the mother has led the child to go out on the other side and came on stage to accept the award – the prize is a beautiful bag!
Their home is the lack of that bag it is this child is to face one of the two sides of the parents on the one hand I hope that children can grow into a decent and good people, on the other hand, in order to “small”, “small convenience”, to induce a “negative energy”, passed to the child. And in this encouragement. It is easy for children to will originally do not belong to their own for the true, the good and the beautiful growth problems gradually immobilized, buried seeds of falseness, ugliness and evil.
I leafed through a lot of family education books, all kinds of method of family education, I think the most important is “the demonstration model, which is obtained from the nature of pure natural education, is an irrefutable truth.

Parents want to see the child with appreciation

Parents want to see the child with appreciation

Parents want to see the child with appreciation
Child voice: don’t take me and others than
“I don’t know what I’m thinking, and I don’t know what I want? It seems as long as I can remember, my mom and dad would continue to take others and I, especially in every meeting after the parents. If they think other people are good, let them be their son. Besides I’m not trying to learn well, I also work hard, but why I can not see the results they can not see it? I don’t even want to stay at home anymore. I hate anyone. Why don’t they know me……” This is about a high school sophomore students in the boats and a chat.
The author from the youth psychological counseling center, at present, the mental health problems of young people is increasing, which is the majority of high school students, accounting for 70% of the total, the main symptoms of anxiety, depression, neurasthenia and obsessive-compulsive disorder, etc.. Analysts believe that caused the main reason for the increase in adolescents with mental health problems at present is study pressure, bad social influence big psychological intervene less.
Parents worried: others do, how can you not?
The mother of a son of the little learning is particularly excited, “our parents for what? Want to eat reluctant to wear, but he would not give us. You see, my old sister were children, a year younger than himself, learning had never let parents worry! I cross the vertical look, our children are not worse than others ah? Others do, why not?”
The author in the interview learned that except in the learning of children strict requirements, the parents of the life boats really count is meticulous the, and the difficulties of never wronged son. However, the boats and the parents but also how do not close up.
Dumbo’s father to the author said: “sometimes I know the child is too much pressure, but no way, we can’t take care of him for a lifetime do not you say? Now he didn’t work hard to find a good job, so we kick him?” And then he took a piece of paper from the drawer, “this is my pick up the room from the ground, you have a look, have written what?” I see, this page is like a diary of the off-line fall down, it said”…… There is one thing, I do not understand, I in the end is progress or regress. This month, I was in class 12, grade 68, into the top 100, in general, I should be progress. Because of the end of school, I am in the class of the place is 25, the grade is 152. However, this afternoon, I went back home, and did not get my father’s encouragement, but was he severely trained a meal: ‘I’m like you so big, want to go to school is not conditional! Can we create such a good condition for you, you are so to return us? You see x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x You really let us down… Come again, come again…… Also, I now have no contact with anyone, I and many people have finished (including * *), and did not learn bad people. I think this is probably the reason why I progress……”
“In fact, to see these words, I feel bad, but we can not think of what better education method. I didn’t take the great men to come with him, because it was too unrealistic. I just and his side of the people, and we are the same as the ordinary people to compare, we are a healthy person, if he can not, then I think that is not enough for his efforts!” Dumbo father says to the author.
Expert advice: learn to appreciate the child
Experts pointed out that in the influence of child mental health factors, family environment and parental education is the most important. Parents always give their children a good example, the family education way is quite common, but this is a kind of blind mentality. This education method, easy to make the child a sense of frustration, is not conducive to the cultivation of children’s self-confidence. First, for example the child parents from the heart is not convinced, would not accept. Second, will make the child will never be able to feel, because the new model will appear in front of. If you have unrealistic expectations of children, parents can not reach the requirements, parents will be the child of the negative, and then develop the child’s self denial. So, the child in the development of the difficulties will be in panic, retreat, the child’s psychological damage.
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Experts also mention such a strange phenomenon. Dozens of Chinese and foreign children together for a test, the score after the test to take home to their parents to see the results of their parents, the results of the Chinese parents see the child’s score, 80% said they were not satisfied, and foreign parents have 80% expressed satisfaction. In fact, foreign children’s achievements are not as good as the Chinese children, this matter shows that China’s parents are accustomed to looking at the child with a critical perspective, look at others and the world. While foreign parents are used to appreciate the view of their own, children and the world. So, it is suggested that parents appreciate the vision to look at the child, to find the child’s strengths, sincere appreciation for him.
Children: as long as I can remember, my mom and dad will continue to get others and I than, especially in every time after after the parents, I is me, do not take me with others than.
Parents: we do parents want to eat reluctant to wear, but he would not give us good, others for him, why not?
Experts: parents are advised to look at the appreciation of children, to find the child’s strengths, sincere appreciation for him.
Too long

Temper flying wings

Temper flying wings

Temper flying wings
In June 1899, a year old girl was a 19 year old girl who was a blind man in the United States of America. She took 9 hours to complete the examination of German, French, Latin and other courses, and achieved excellent results in the entrance examination, and became a college student at Harvard University.
It is not easy to pass the same exam, even if it is a person who is physically sound. What’s more, it is a blind girl who is deaf and dumb! In many people’s eyes, this is a miracle, and the creation of this miracle is the famous American writer Keller Helen.
When Helen a year and a half, she had on a named “scarlet fever” disease, turned out to be a deaf and dumb and blind girl. Little Helen’s parents saw her daughter could not communicate with people, and she called for a experienced family teacher, miss Anne Sullivan.
Miss Sullivan is a teacher of the deaf children, even if she has the experience of teaching deaf children, at first she and small Helen to communicate and teach her literacy, but also very difficult. Miss Sullivan shortly after, gave Helen a doll. Helen touched dolls very happy, Miss Sullivan will in Helen’s hand written “doll” this word, and read “doll”. Small Helen can’t see and hear, she at first don’t understand “baby” is what mean, miss Sullivan again and again patiently to teach her, little Helen finally slowly understand. Little Helen is such a repetition of the words used in some of the life.
Later, in the deaf mute school, the headmaster Fuller personally taught little Helen to learn pronunciation. She let Helen hand on her face, to feel the change rule of tongue and mouth muscles, and again and again to teach her to imitate the pronunciation. Little Helen insisted on practice every day, and finally learned to speak with the mouth, with the finger to listen to the words.

Temper flying wings2
Since then, little Helen began to use amazing perseverance, learning English, German, French, Latin and greek. When the teacher gave a lecture, miss Sullivan spelled the contents of the little Helen’s hand. Small Helen understand after, on the memory to understand the text, and then use the boss to do homework. She used this method to study algebra, geometry, physics and other courses, also used to write articles and translations of the works.
Helen with a strong belief, tenacious perseverance to overcome the difficulties unimaginable, her second year at University, completed the autobiography “my life story”. After the publication of the novel, praised by Mark Twin and other writers, known as “the masterpiece of world literature”. Since then, Helen writes, published 14 books, has become a famous writer.
Some people have compared the girl to the beautiful angel. The body of the defect has made Helen Keller once lost the wings of the wings, but she is relying on self-confidence and perseverance to get a pair of invisible wings, and finally flew over the dark, ushered in the dawn. Helen Keller said: “for those who are above the destiny, faith is the master of fate.” On the road of life, there are twists and turns is not terrible, as long as you stick to the dream, the tenacious struggle, you will be able to fly to the ideal of the other side.
Helen Keller (1880~1968), American writer and educator. To be a blind deaf mute when one year old. Under the family teacher Anne Sullivan’s careful guidance, Helen with his strong will, learned to speak, and began to communicate with others. Since then, she studied subjects of math, science, English, French, German, etc., with honors admitted to the women’s college, Harvard University, graduating in 1904. Helen Keller has dedicated his life to the welfare and education of the blind, and has won praise from world opinion.

The girl’s healthy growth don’t need endless blame

The girl's healthy growth don't need endless blame1

The girl’s healthy growth don’t need endless blame
In the course of the child’s growth, it is inevitable that this or that kind of wrong behavior. These errors are often due to the child’s age is small, considering the problem is not comprehensive or do not pay attention to the cause of the majority is not expected to commit a parent or elders. Of course, some rebellious girl will be interested in using the behavior and parents against wrong. Even so, parents should not be strict with the girls, too much blame not only can not let the children to correct mistakes, often will make the child more serious resentment and resentment.
Experts believe that too much blame will not bring any help to the child. When parents blame their children, they have a good idea of the hearts of the original will be destroyed, so that children do not know what to do, and then make more mistakes, bring parents more blame. This vicious cycle continues, easy for children to frustration, to further the development of self denial, to Ebara encountered a panic will be difficult in the growth and retreat. What parents should do if they are not conducive to their growth?
1 control emotions, learn to encourage children
When the child has the wrong behavior does not recognize or unwilling to accept criticism, parents often can not suppress the anger, the instinct to blame the child.
There is such a problem in a questionnaire. When a child makes a mistake, what do you say to your child?. 53% of the parents answered. What are you doing, what?.. You see who is, people can not make mistakes!.
As we can see, some parents can not tolerate the child’s wrong behavior, these parents lack the place is mainly to have no consideration of the child’s feelings. They think, to remind the child to see other people’s achievements, to stimulate the child’s progress. But for strong self-esteem girls, often get the opposite of what one wants. Parents blame, more easily hurt the child’s self-esteem. If parents take a positive attitude, they will have a positive effect.
One day, the girl’s father saw her daughter in front of a sprinkling of milk in a daze. When he saw the next cup of milk, he understood what was going on. He did not blame the child, but went to the child, comfort the child said. Baby grow up, really good, want to take a cup of milk.. Then, my mother came to him. Sui Sui peace (pieces), annual growth. Don’t be afraid, you’ll get it next time.
The young parents not only did not blame the child’s behavior, but also to encourage the child, parents this positive attitude will let the children have confidence, will take the next time. Like this is good at using the psychological characteristics of the child, the child’s progress and efforts to give encouragement, it means that the child has accumulated a positive emotion, so that children feel good.
2 don’t too much to limit the behavior of the child
The child’s behavior has a lot of parents is “fear” word pawn, and activities for children limit child to wear with friends go out to play, parents fear their children tumble, fear of being bullied children to move a small chair, afraid of children encounter a child’s foot climb up onto the table to from a higher place downwards jump, no matter there is no danger, parents will shengsejuli be stopped. Some parents not only for children pipe head pin, too much interference, and the child’s behavior slightly substandard adults, unwarranted accusations. Studies have shown that a any action by excessively limit the children, is the most easy to produce dependence and cowardly psychological, when the child’s curiosity and courage is a pressed down time, the child will think he is stupid, what not to do. This will directly lead to the lack of independent spirit of the child, resulting in inferiority complex.
3 that your criticism must be used with caution

The girl's healthy growth don't need endless blame
We used to say that children are good, but now some parents think that the child is good for others. They can’t see the advantages of their children, see is child’s shortcomings and deficiencies, only know the children accused, so they always have a sense of satisfaction, in the children’s education lack of patience, but do not know how to help children overcome the disadvantages, so that some of the children of broken broken jar fell. We grow old by deserting our ideas. So, parents blamed the criticism of the child must be used with caution.
Parents should learn how to think about the benefits of children, thanks to the child to bring you happiness and happiness, so that parents will not always think of their children’s shortcomings, will adjust their mentality, less criticism and criticism of children, more to give them appreciation and encouragement. With the encouragement of their parents, the child will get a power, set up the confidence, on the road of growth, and constantly correct mistakes, overcome difficulties, and finally get a wonderful life.
Some people say. Accused as an agent of the “drug anthelmintic except disease. , these drugs. Only when necessary with caution. Inappropriate blame for child abandonment, in good faith for the kids to encourage confidence and courage. In the course of the child’s growth, parents less blame, more encouragement, can better help children grow healthily.

Cultivate the girl’s temperament

        Cultivate the girl's temperament   

Cultivate the girl’s temperament
A girl’s forthright personality, culture
“Natural to the carving, the blue lotus”, the girls to the natural, fresh, elegant image appear in front of you. To cultivate the girls learn to smile, to each person to show their sweet smile, the smile as the most beautiful cosmetics, as a communicative language.
Two, to cultivate the good character of girls
“The paradise of the heart is good”, the first character is good, good people, where can get everyone’s trust, support and help. So parents want to put their children into a good, caring people. Let girls love nature, care for small animals, care for children, the elderly, etc.. A girl with a heart full of love will always be welcomed.
Three, to cultivate the artistic quality of girls
In ancient China, attaches great importance to “girls” lyre playing, chess, calligraphy and painting learning, let the kids learn musical instruments, dancing, painting and other artistic skills, not to must let the child be an artist, but in the process of learning these skills, cultivate sentiment, meditation cultivation.
Four, to cultivate the cultural connotation of girls
To make girls more reading, not only to learn the textbook knowledge, but also to let the children read some extra-curricular books: fashion magazines, health, food, economy, etc., to make the girl heart rich, it will not be outside the temptation to wave and wave perturbation inner calm, improve the taste of girls!
Five, cultivate the girl’s civilization etiquette
There are a lot of man woman, the female man is refers to the independent independent girls, instead of doing a slovenly casually. Some of the girls from an early age to develop a hand to eat, Alice his legs, the legs open sitting, walking goujiandabei etc., always feel the hero gas. As everyone knows that this is not the performance of family education, so parents should be young and good education children these habits.
Six, cultivate girls independent consciousness
Girl from a young age to let her learn to “self-reliance, self-respect, self-improvement”, rather than when grown up, let her from the hardships of life to realize, otherwise it’s too late!
Seven, to develop a strong and tough girl spirit
Parents should train a young age girls strong character, rather than face a little is pear, believe that modern no a few people like Lin Daiyu, she this sensitive cry character, not only trouble people around, it is hurt yourself!
Eight, cultivate a girl optimistic open-minded attitude
Compared with boys, I believe a lot of people think girls narrow-minded, haggle over every ounce, parents should be cultivated from an early age girls optimistic and open-minded attitude. To be liberal and dignified life, be neither humble nor pushy. Not because of a little care about gains and losses and bring trouble on oneself or shrew.
Girl’s temperament training should start early, otherwise the habits of some deep-rooted, behave in the future is difficult to correct the, even if intended to hide, exposed in the gestures. So a girl’s parents must pay attention to!