Parents need to use patience to soften the girl really naughty”

Parents need to use patience to soften the girl really naughty"

Parents need to use patience to soften the girl really naughty”
From gender, due to hormones, girls are usually very quiet. But today’s one-child family, the living condition is superior, generous at the expense of the boys had an excess of energy girl, become more and more. Many parents do not understand how our daughter is more naughty than the boy?
Some parents put their daughter when the flowers planted, when the princess raised, for fear that they eat a little bitter, subject to a little crime. She herself did self Johnson since the expensive, mouth open for food, clothing to hand, a little unhappy, he would lose his temper, temper, to fall basin, slam the door. One became a rose with thorns, so that parents feel a headache.
A mother tells her little girl sad people are good, quiet, but my 10 year old daughter is a. Naughty king.. Screaming and shouting all the time. Be beheaded You said she, her than you cross, or slammed it. Hide in the house don’t eat not to drink sulk with you, really is: she can’t!
Some parents and teachers complain about naughty girls than boys are difficult. On such a girl, if let it be, they will gradually lose the girl’s style, no elegance to speak; if parents rein, and is likely to will stifle the child’s nature. Especially for some arrogant girl, sometimes too harsh criticism may also bring about irreparable consequences. So the education of these naughty girls, parents should pay attention to methods.
The 1 patient is the wild naughty girl feather softener
Parents education naughty girl to have patience, perseverance, to have the psychological preparation of protracted war. The excess of energy and naughty girls and arrogant, self willed, be savage and absurd girls, some of their bad “. Not formed in a short time. To a short time to let the girl change, is also very difficult to. The best way is to be patient to pay the truth, so that the truth of the parents to melt into the girl’s heart. Of course, patience is not a negative way to wait, is to pay attention to methods, less criticism and more praise, as far as possible to find their flash point. Even criticism, also want to have the sincerity, be tactful, but also pay attention to the location, occasions, and methods and avoid style blunt, rude, impatient for success. As long as the opportunity to seize the opportunity to persevere, over the “naughty” girl is perfectly fine.
2 to cultivate the girl’s self-control from the young
For a surname some work impatient, fun, active, sit not to live the bench girl, from a young age to develop their self-control ability. You can start from the child’s interest. For example, let the little girl have a quiet little princess fairy tale, and then let them speak and listen to their parents, so that not only can let the child focus, but also help to the formation of the elegant temperament. With the increase of age girl, parents can gradually guide the children to do some things quiet, such as origami, gardens, chess, photography and philately have activities to develop girl quiet attention character. According to the age characteristics of children F, in life, learning, labor and other aspects of the child can also give the child to develop a number of days, the day of the day to complete, not to fight. Such as helping children to develop a timetable, the time to play the game, the time to play, to the learning time to concentrate on learning, so that children develop a regular habit of life, these are a good way to develop girls’ self-control.
3 to cultivate the girl’s sense of responsibility
For naughty girls, the sense of responsibility can make them rational control their own behavior. W responsibility, can be from the daily life of the little things, from an early age so that they can do whatever the housework, and make her aware that this is their own obligations. Such as to make naughty girl more hands, and parents to share some of the skills of cooking, together to produce her favorite food parents bring the girl with the market, so that she is home for dinner ready materials. When children do these things, we will find that, they will be very excited to help parents push the shopping cart, to help parents. The curiosity of children, is to arouse their interest in, a good way to relieve their energetic. This will not only increase the child’s life experience, but also to cultivate their good mood. Naughty girl is the parents of heart disease, but as long as the parents have patience, the use of the correct education method, from the little bit of the little things, and then naughty children can be softened.

Let the girl to face up to their gender

Let the girl to face up to their gender

Let the girl to face up to their gender
This phenomenon often occurs in the life, some parents put the girl as a boy, son, son to call his daughter, but also to the girls in the dressing to play a false boy, resulting in lack of flexibility and rigidity of girls. This not only makes a young girl lost the unique charm of women, but also to the future role of girls in the future to lay a hidden trouble.
In fact, men and women are naturally different, boys and girls, in the community to play a different role. Therefore, parents should face the gender difference between the girl and the boy, so that girls agree with their gender. Under this premise, according to the characteristics of the flow, in order to girls, girls become somebody. Let the girl to face up to their gender, parents should pay attention to the following points:
1 let the girl know their own strengths
A lovely little girl is the greatest glory of flowers in the world, innocent, pure and beautiful, gentle and lovely, natural beauty, – – – – – – “a dream of Red Mansions” master trade gem like girls, girls, he said, is “the water of flesh and blood, men are flesh made of mud, saw the girl feel fresh. In the life of a girl’s family will be right. My daughter is a parent’s intimate small cotton padded jacket. Have personal feelings. It is with these lovely girls, our world will become so beautiful.
Compared to boys, girls have many advantages. For example, the advantage of the girl, the girl is quiet and delicate, this is unique to women’s wealth, but also the important factor of social and family harmony and stability. For example, a natural gentle and considerate to make girls more good, more caring girls focus on relationships, good at getting people to like, to be considerate of others, easy to get along with others.
2 let the girl face up to their own gender disadvantage
Of course, everything has two sides, girls have many advantages, but also have a congenital weakness. Girls are born with delicate feelings, pay attention to other people’s evaluation, which often give them trouble in order to maintain the relationship, often give up their own legitimate interests in order to please others, often conceal their views and feelings, easy to compromise and weak. Because of their parents’ love and the nature of the weak, easy to self – Jiao, dependence, do not want to rely on hard work to achieve a career, and the future hopes of unrealistic fantasy, is not conducive to the formation of independent consciousness, in the future, the competition is easy to be at a disadvantage girls love beauty, pay attention to appearance, easy to love, easy to be lured by material interests and lost.
In addition, the girl character suspicious, jealous, love Shuaxiao temper weakness, often make them short-sighted. If girls can face up to their own gender disadvantage, they will gradually overcome their own weaknesses in the process of growing up, so that their own self-cultivation more perfect, make their life more beautiful.
3 let the girl from a young age like on their own sex
Influenced by the elders, particularly fond of boys, some girls don’t like their gender, always wanted to be a boy, so he always dressed up in a boy’s clothes. Here is not to say that you are not a boy dressed, but a long time, often so many will have a negative impact on the future of the girl. Because of the tendency of the girl is not only from the surface can not accept their own gender, but also from the psychological can not accept their own gender. Now there are more people in the community to do sex change surgery, is this reason. So, parents should be in the girl’s small, to guide her to like their own sex.

Girl’s life is a process of constant pursuit. A girl, only to know the true meaning of the happiness of life and with confidence to have it, to make a difference. To this end, parents should pay attention to the excavation, training, improve the quality of the girl, let the girl get more success.
4 let the girls continue to improve the knowledge and culture, the accumulation of content
A promising girl should have a wealth of knowledge, broad vision and elegant culture, will accumulate their own content, so that they produce an inherent quality of the United States, to strengthen their ability to adapt to the needs of society.
5 let the girl learn to self-esteem
Because of the characteristics of the girl’s own gender, some girls want to live on the shoulders of others, or lose their personality for material benefit. This is not desirable. So, parents should cultivate a girl’s independence spirit, so that she has her own world, have the ability to live independently, in the future life, to cherish their own, to maintain their own, do not rely on any one, rely on their own efforts to win the respect of others.
6 to cultivate the girl to do the life of the strong
The girl with delicate features, but not for parents with their own daughter. The weak label. To let the child with a positive attitude and optimism in the face of success and failure, in order to adapt to the fierce competition in the future.
7 to maintain the girl’s gentle nature
The beauty of a woman is always beautiful, gentle, gentle can resolve contradictions, but also can transform the mind. Of course, gentle not only belongs to quiet and gentle girl, personality, cheerful, optimistic girl can also maintain a gentle charm.
A girl is a girl, parents in training the girl to pay attention to the characteristics of their sex, want to let the girl fully understand and understand the advantages and features of their own sex, understand their thinking, make the best use of the circumstances, to maximize play their own energy and train the girl into talents.


Women look into the Phoenix looking for playmates as girls grow up

120 details of the girl's development9

Women look into the Phoenix looking for playmates as girls grow up
Today’s many one-child families, the girls see is all day busy parents, although the home of the toy has been a lot, but the girls are still missing something, feel very lonely. Many parents are not aware of the psychological needs of children, they think, as long as the child obedience, to what to what, fun, good enough, but did not pay attention to subtle changes in the child’s emotional.
Girls have a sense of loneliness after a different performance, and some of their parents rely on increasingly strong and some in the home can not play, do not want to eat and do not want to eat a sense of inferiority, often want to do not love me?. Kids don’t Is it right? Attention to me, Is it right? Despise me?. Can imagine, the child’s growth and development is very unfavorable. When your performance of these children, parents should be aware, the children find a playmate.
1 the girl’s request
“It’s not fun for a man to play.”!. This is the only child family children often say a word.
3 year old Jiao Jiao is the only daughter of the family, in kindergarten, Jiao Jiao is very happy, but, a return home on the total wrapped around his mother. Mother let her go to play, she always said. Who play with me?. Sometimes, to cry. Jiao Jiao’s mother to see the child so unhappy, I do not know how to run. When working with colleagues about Jiao Jiao, they also have the same feeling. At home and bird insect fish, all kinds of toys have, but the child is not interested in, a person do not want to play, like a person to accompany, or not happy, to my dependence on feeling increasingly strong. ‘the house of the child does not cry, but the character is introverted, afraid of strangers, to what are not interested.
In fact, the child’s performance in telling my mother I am very lonely, I want to play with their peers in the same age. As parents, we should understand the child’s psychology, the requirements of the child, the initiative to help children find partners to change her personality, so that she became cheerful, happy.
2 encourage girls to make friends
The psychology research indicate that, now the only child is often superior but also closed environment “ziyuzile. , to a certain extent, it will affect their emotional quotient. Especially girls, in a closed environment will make them more obvious weaknesses in personality, to encourage girls and their peers in the same age, which is conducive to the growth of children. Their children have a natural sense of closeness, they can be very good communication, they will feel very happy together. Let a child to make a friend, it is equivalent to help children to open a window, to open the child’s vision and heart. Therefore, parents should encourage children to make friends, so that children in the interaction with their peers, and learn how to get along with others, to overcome the self centred selfish psychology, to foster cooperative awareness, for the children into the kindergarten, primary school, secondary school.
Jiao Jiao has a playmate, living in the small area on Monday when friends home, Jiao Jiao had a happy root. Mother and waited with warm reception these little guests, watching the children in together Gaoxing Jin, for mother’s heart indescribably happy. She also told colleagues boast DEG waited longer pestering me, they play very happy, fussy problems also get rid of, when having a meal compared with others, eagerly rob to eat.
3 teach girls to learn to get along with others
Children of the same age together, but also a learning exchange process. Due to the children’s age, in the process of playing it is inevitable to quarrel, conflict, mutual attack and other unpleasant things. In this situation, parents do not have to worry, but also do not let the children do not interact with each other. At this time, parents should be conscious to teach their children some of the knowledge, so that children learn to share, to change the child’s self – centered personal awareness.

120 details of the girl's development10
For example, when your child does not let the children play with her toys, the mother can say to the child. You play for a while, let her play for a while, have two kids with if your baby, she will be more happy. For guiding the conscious parents, considerate girl who will be in encouraging parents to slowly learn to get along with others, women do not have a strong sense of competition, in exchange, through getting along with others, learn to compete and compromise, get more.
For the children to find suitable playmates, let the children with the same age of small partner contacts, which is the growth of girls have very important role. More with peers, so that the child does not feel lonely, the child not only physically and mentally happy, healthy growth, but also to make the child learning and communication skills, improve the ability to get along with others, for the children to adults after the normal interaction.

“Heavy male” not “light female”, the girl is also the parents of the baby

120 details of the girl's development3

“Heavy male” not “light female”, the girl is also the parents of the baby
Affected by the traditional support, patriarchal concept. Today, some old people, or pay more attention to children’s sex. An old man said: “we are realistic, have great grandchildren, colleagues met to say congratulations.” Some young people also have the influence of these thoughts, hoping to have a boy, the family has a registered permanent residence. To a certain extent, this idea will affect the girl’s blocking and education. In some families, girls from education than boys, easy to make the girl have a sense of inferiority and the other would cause abnormal education, because parents are worried about daughter competition in the future but the boy to use extracurricular education to make up insufficiency of the competitiveness of the girl. As a result, deprive the children of spare time, adding to the burden of child, resulting in girls weariness.
Correct treatment of children’s gender differences, the girls’ family education is the same attention, is every parents must do their duty. The girl’s parents should not only be truly from the heart of my own girl, but also in education and the boys equally treated.
1 boys are famous, the girl is a blessing
A boy, the most happy is the father of one family, the heart of a stone off the ground, “doorplates, hukou. Keep up, even though the mouth is still the same. Mom also relieved, since ancient times, “your mother with children, the mother at home but straight. However, my mother did not close the “small cotton padded jacket, a well-known figure, but lost blessing.
Correct view of gender differences in children, is the key to develop a girl. Parents want to know, this society is composed of men and women, the two are indispensable, so it is not important to talk about, who is not important. Wait until his lovely daughter appeared in front of us, all on the male or female good argument, all of Ukraine to. Girls parents should adjust their thinking, the same sense of responsibility, passion, dream of girls. Had the little princess to carefully care of their baby daughter, love her, love her unconditionally. Gave birth to a boy, parents have the reputation of the girl, parents have been blessed. Parents like their baby, hope that the child can be healthy, happy to grow. So, whether old or young parents, parents should look at the child’s gender.
2 give the girl more care
Children’s education must be based on love, in particular, to the more sensitive little girl, should be given special care. Careful parents will find that little girls like to play. House. The game, and most girls like playing the mother role, she will be in accordance with the imagination in the mother’s meticulous care. My baby. This sends a message, the child also wants to let her mother treat themselves, parents should meet the requirements of the child.
Wenwen grandparents like boys, but my mother just gave birth to a girl. Wenwen at the age of 3, mother had a little brother. Brother became the centre of gravity of the protection of the family, smile but was left out in the cold, when Wenwen know oneself is left out in the cold after, in order to get more attention from family, she wanted to when the boy at ordinary times, and always heavily armed boys refused to wear girl’s clothes. In order to show their boy character, she is more mischievous than the boys in general. Every day to get body dirty is willing to give up. In the course of time, Wenwen hate others say that she is a girl, which are caused by the abnormal psychology.

Girls need to care for their parents. So, from the perspective of parents, whether you want to have a child before you want to be a boy or a girl, from the moment the child was born, these are not important. No matter the boy girl, parents should immediately fall in love with this piece of meat fell from his body.
3 see also look into the Phoenix
For today’s one-child families, most of the young parents for their children’s sex look pale, they attach to the is the child in the future, hopeful son, daughter looking f rife. An expectant mother knows himself to be born child is a girl, she is full of expect a I long to be good to her dress how beautiful, teach her back my back since the childhood of “Three Character Classic” and “Mulan” and some rhythm enlightenment, but she to learn that I want to learn opera – – – – -.

120 details of the girl's development4
The idea of the mother is good, the girl with the boy genius. Compared with boys, girls have their own advantages of girls have better mental ability, in the memory of the advantages of a girl born sensitive, work seriously, pay attention to detail girls have good language thinking, reasoning ability, and the desire to communicate with many girls have artistic potential. So according to the different periods of growth and development of girls of the sex education, to cultivate children, develop children’s potential, in order to achieve looking female rife in the dream.
Every child is an angel, an angel falls on the earth, should receive the same education, the same enjoyment of their parents’ love. Let the boy Jackie Chan, let the girl wind, it is wise to choose the parents should do.

Love girls, but not all girls become “diaoman princess”

120 details of the girl's development5

Love girls, but not all girls become “diaoman princess”

Now “girls just want to have a rich” has become many parents of the girl’s sons and daughters, however, they always feel that girl nature cowardly, parents should pet, and some are even fall into the “beautiful trap”. One is over protection. Don’t move, be careful with you!. Don’t cut it yourself! Be careful with the knife!. In the parents favor, girls become cowardly, protection left their parents at a loss. Two is too much love. The children want to do what, what to buy, what to buy what, his parents live frugally, but on the child’s request is hundred asks hundred. The doting parents, the girls have become spoiled, arrogant; slightly frustrated, lost his temper, not aloud to contradict their parents, was to slam the door, anger, and did not eat. Parents are not, that would not listen, suffered. Some parents together, to tell their own difficulties:
My daughter had no fear of me, every time she made a mistake. I say, she will argue with me to use lame arguments and perverted logic. You say hit her, a little girl, Jiao drops, I still love dearly; do not hit, I am also angry. It is in a dilemma!.
“That boy is not good, but we are more difficult to control the girl home. You say always, she has one hundred sentences to refute you.
“Sometimes I earnestly give her reason, she not only did not listen, and that I do not understand the children. You said I wasn’t angry.
Such a little girl is too much. How to let the little girl become a lovely princess, how to make “diaoman princess. The following approach is no longer diaoman, parents try.
1, accept the child’s mood
When the girl met not liking things temper tantrums, even quarrel, parents try to don’t add fuel to the fire, to first accept the child’s mood, listening to her talk. For unruly, conceit, not good at controlling their emotions and behavior of girls, but also in her temper, not accused nor comfort, let her cry, give her to gas withdrawal on the parents the opportunity. When parents accept the child’s emotions, it means to tell the child, your feelings are justified, you have this power. This can make children excited mood soon calm down, waiting for her to calm down after a gas — also will disappear. When parents calmly with her conversation, the kids will listen into my parents say the words, will to oneself just of the impulse, will be determined to correct.
2 to the girl’s excessive request to say “no”
Girl rich. Is that parents in the conditions permit under the premise as far as possible to give girls material abundance, to cultivate their elegant taste and grace and manners. But does not mean that can be accommodated to the unreasonable demands on the children. At the appropriate time, the parents of the girls too much to say “no”, but will receive good results.
Nini’s parents are working class, but to make her happy, they asked for her daughter to meet. One day, Nini to pull my mother to buy brand-name shoes. Originally, their class several classmates bought a new Nike shoes, Nini is also very like. Mom hesitated for a moment, she knew, famous brand new shoes have at least 3000 yuan of above, so small children began to wear brand-name, what to do in the future? She gently refused her daughter’s request. Nini although not happy, but a few days just fine.
In real life, we often see that some of the less affluent families, parents can not buy clothes, but the children were famous brand. So in addition to the Church of the child’s vanity, can not achieve the purpose of education, the results will be counterproductive. Rich, is not simply a matter of material, more is the cultivation of the quality of girls, so that they are rich in spirit. If a girl places a great demand on material, parents should say. No !
3 make a return to “cruel” parents

120 details of the girl's development8
For wayward children, sometimes to persuade not, parents may wish to come to the heart.
James is a doctor of psychology. One day, he and some friends passing through the park’s amusement area. Saw a little girl sitting on a merry go round, her father and mother is almost in the request of her down, but no matter what adults say, the little girl refused to come down. A friend of Holmes said: you are a psychologist, see if you have any way to let the children down. Dr. James went to the girl next to the ear, said a few words to the girl child, erhuamoyue a trojan. The girl’s parents admire, and surprised, to consult the doctor. What did you say to the child?.
“What is not,” said Dr. keep calm. I just whispered to her, “if you don’t come down, I’ll give you a good beating at once. Do you want to try?”
This story gives us an important inspiration, the cultivation of children can not blindly follow her, if the parents can tolerate her bad habits, the child’s growth is extremely unfavorable. So, when the cruel cruel, but indulge unruly girls.
Care for children, the protection of children is the responsibility of parents, but the education of children in a variety of ways. Should sometimes gentle, sometimes cruel to be severely, the key is to grasp the “degree. Only with a broad and strict economy can we cultivate our little girls into a lovely little princess.

From the cultivation of self-confidence, let the girl become the home of the little princess”

120 details of the girl's development10

From the cultivation of self-confidence, let the girl become the home of the little princess”
Confidence is the ability to believe in yourself, trust your own judgment. Confident girl, not only to mobilize their enthusiasm, to play the greatest potential, to achieve good results, but also send out an infinite charm, influence people around. Others can not help but follow her, trust her, to make her more efforts. In our life, we find that we are confident that the girl not only has good grades, but also good interpersonal skills.
When the girl is young, maybe you don’t know what is confidence, and you have no confidence. Silver parents sometimes in a vacant state, do not know what to do for their own daughter. For girls, the cause of success comes from the confidence, the family held a blessing from the confidence. So correctly guide the girls to help her set up a small confidence task and duty bound to fall on the shoulders of the parents, this is also a parent should for girls to do important things.
1 pay attention to details, don’t set a trap for girls
Girls are naturally more sensitive than boys, the heart is more delicate, so, the education girls need to pay more attention to details. For example, if the answer for a problem, the boy is soon forgotten, but the girl may will think this is a shame, and therefore refuse to learn.
3 years old girl Jing Jing originally met more than two hundred words, a big sister let her resolution “official” and “tube” two words, she hesitated a little wrong, in the laughter, Jing Jing escaped, then refused to read, this situation continued to the third grade, as her mother and teacher’s encouragement, she has changed.
Mom took a picture book to her sister told the story of cat fishing, my mother opened the album asked Niu Niu: “Niu Niu, where is the fish,” and that a page is no fish, Niu Niu put his fingers to the cat, Niu Niu’s mother quickly corrected: “this is a small cat, not a fish.” The girl immediately sank face.
This way to give the child a trap, no doubt is the destruction of the child’s confidence.
2 play the child’s special skills, timely recognition of girls, improve the girl’s confidence
The 5 year old was a very strong ability to imitate, learn to sing the songs of Meng Tingwei youmoyouyang. Dad let her in their units of the Spring Festival show, 5 year old boy in the captain a light voice, won the applause of all. Thick learned English very well, mother heard radio are recruiting children small host, with her daughter to report the name. Come out from the station, was told his mother. Big sister asked me if I came back from the United States, it seems my English is still very pure.
Many girls have their own expertise, parents can according to the characteristics of the child, to the child to find a platform to show, let the children play their own expertise, this platform to improve the child’s self-confidence is very helpful.

120 details of the girl's development2
3 parents want to help girls. Learn from others’ strong points and close the gap
Parents, do not rule out all challenges for children, and should play the role of supporters, when they are sad to encourage them, when they feel difficult to help them. One important job to give them the confidence and courage to overcome obstacles. Learn from others’ strong points and close the gap To help girls recognize their own strengths, in the play to their strengths, to overcome their weaknesses, so that we can continue to progress.
For example, the girl in the exam, the parents can say. Although your overall score is not the best in class, your English is not good. Or. Although you are not a few students in the class, but your handwriting is the best in the whole school. Kent’s parents’ responsibility is to help girls find their own strengths, continue to play their strengths, so as to build confidence, so that I can not do three words from the girl’s dictionary.
Confidence can a girl to the great courage, let her courage to difficult challenges of any confidence can also make the girl was very quick witted, and saved the day confidence can the girl to win others’ trust, in order to help her to the other side of success.
Emerson: “confidence is the first secret of success.” Indeed, confident girls are more likely to succeed. As some educational experts suggest, the girl to “rich” to raise, so not only can cultivate the girl’s noble temperament, but also allows girls to build up a good confidence. Therefore, parents can treat their own girls as the same as the princess, so that the girl in the home, cheerful and confident, provoking love.

Parents want to give girls a full sense of security


Parents want to give girls a full sense of security
In modern society, more and more parents are like their own with a girl, because the girl lovely lovely girl Wen Rouru mother intimate. The Small cotton padded jacket. , don’t need to worry about parents too. However, because of this, many parents will ignore the education of girls.
As parents, we have to clear their own education and girls’ obligations, in the process of healthy growth of girls, give them a good comprehensive education environment, and do not wait until the children do not want to communicate with their own time, to realize the importance of education for girls. Of course, parents are the first girl to do, is to give the girl a sense of security.
Often hear some parents complain that adolescent daughter suspicious, do not trust parents, parents don’t exchange, puppy love, these are all manifestations of girls lack a sense of security. Girls lack of security, not only will affect the learning results, the impact of a friend relationship, serious or even self injury, adult may affect marriage and family.
On the third grade primary school girl Xiaowen not the spirit of school, and students are increasingly reluctant to communication, learning all the way down. In the teacher’s many patient persuasion, she finally say to the inner secret: her parents always at home quarrel, and often comes back home late, she is more indifferent, even with a lie to tell she is due to busy work, entertainment and more, is unable to attend to her. In fact, Xiaowen understands, the relationship between parents is to let her heart very badly. Usually, parents rarely communicate with her, a long time, Xiaowen has become a very shy girl. Go to bed in the evening, she always put her head in the quilt day at school, she is not willing to communicate with the students, not a bosom friend; every time the teacher to talk to her, she will quaking with fear.
Psychology research shows that children, especially 3 years ago, parents did not give girls a sense of security, which led to many things after the adult fear of things, the lack of confidence, particularly concerned about others to their own kind of law, always hope to rely on others, and others can help themselves and others in their own and others are not enough trust, people and things always have a skeptical attitude. Some girls will always feel sick, the fear of death, and so on.
So, as parents, should be how to give a girl full of security?
1 to give a girl with enough love
The child from a lifetime, began to look for love, she will judge the eyes of the mother is happy or unhappy, mother’s mood will greatly affect the child’s mood. Japanese pediatrician Mr. Naito Junaro had made a resounding slogan. Is it enough to love?. Remind adults to give the child enough love to look. In the eyes of love, there is encouragement, praise, criticism, and forgiveness. The girl grew up in the eyes of love, her eyes will be filled with love, regardless of any difficulties encountered, she would feel the eyes of love in support of her, encouraging her, making her sincerely feel secure and beat all the difficulties.
2 to give the girl enough caress
The child is the most favorite is the adult holding, regardless of the site encountered a stranger, or walking on the street, in the arms of the father always feel very safe. In China, by strictly subject to the influence of feudal thought, many parents are not with child f the habit of hugging, not deliberately to give children a warm caress, it will naturally distance between the child and the. Perhaps, we do parents, can try to change their own, occasionally to the child a hug, than she felt that her parents are her strong backing, regardless of any difficulties and setbacks, parents will stand by her side, so that the child’s heart will be filled with love.
3 give the girl enough appreciation


120 details of the girl's development1
Lincoln, the great president of the United States of America, once said. The human nature of the most strands of demand is the desire to be sure. Happy positive affirmation, that girl in the strict sense by their parents from the bottom of heart of love and joy, also will bring a pleasant feeling to the girls. Strengthen the girl’s positive performance, can make her to do more perfect. If your parents want to make the girl feel safe enough, with the appreciation of her life is very important.
Give a girl an important condition enough caress and appreciation, and the girls get along with guarantee. Parents should be as much as possible Pro comes with a child, don’t put the girl sent to boarding or foster care in the family home, for a long time to see the children, to give the child is abandoned by the parents to insecurity. During the day to go to work, the mother, to put more time in the evening to leave some of the girls, and girls together to play games, to give girls a book, to help girls make beds until sleep, etc.. For the sake of a girl’s beautiful life, please give the girl a full sense of security, let the girl in love in the atmosphere of healthy growth.