Parents want to see the child with appreciation

Parents want to see the child with appreciation

Parents want to see the child with appreciation
Child voice: don’t take me and others than
“I don’t know what I’m thinking, and I don’t know what I want? It seems as long as I can remember, my mom and dad would continue to take others and I, especially in every meeting after the parents. If they think other people are good, let them be their son. Besides I’m not trying to learn well, I also work hard, but why I can not see the results they can not see it? I don’t even want to stay at home anymore. I hate anyone. Why don’t they know me……” This is about a high school sophomore students in the boats and a chat.
The author from the youth psychological counseling center, at present, the mental health problems of young people is increasing, which is the majority of high school students, accounting for 70% of the total, the main symptoms of anxiety, depression, neurasthenia and obsessive-compulsive disorder, etc.. Analysts believe that caused the main reason for the increase in adolescents with mental health problems at present is study pressure, bad social influence big psychological intervene less.
Parents worried: others do, how can you not?
The mother of a son of the little learning is particularly excited, “our parents for what? Want to eat reluctant to wear, but he would not give us. You see, my old sister were children, a year younger than himself, learning had never let parents worry! I cross the vertical look, our children are not worse than others ah? Others do, why not?”
The author in the interview learned that except in the learning of children strict requirements, the parents of the life boats really count is meticulous the, and the difficulties of never wronged son. However, the boats and the parents but also how do not close up.
Dumbo’s father to the author said: “sometimes I know the child is too much pressure, but no way, we can’t take care of him for a lifetime do not you say? Now he didn’t work hard to find a good job, so we kick him?” And then he took a piece of paper from the drawer, “this is my pick up the room from the ground, you have a look, have written what?” I see, this page is like a diary of the off-line fall down, it said”…… There is one thing, I do not understand, I in the end is progress or regress. This month, I was in class 12, grade 68, into the top 100, in general, I should be progress. Because of the end of school, I am in the class of the place is 25, the grade is 152. However, this afternoon, I went back home, and did not get my father’s encouragement, but was he severely trained a meal: ‘I’m like you so big, want to go to school is not conditional! Can we create such a good condition for you, you are so to return us? You see x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x You really let us down… Come again, come again…… Also, I now have no contact with anyone, I and many people have finished (including * *), and did not learn bad people. I think this is probably the reason why I progress……”
“In fact, to see these words, I feel bad, but we can not think of what better education method. I didn’t take the great men to come with him, because it was too unrealistic. I just and his side of the people, and we are the same as the ordinary people to compare, we are a healthy person, if he can not, then I think that is not enough for his efforts!” Dumbo father says to the author.
Expert advice: learn to appreciate the child
Experts pointed out that in the influence of child mental health factors, family environment and parental education is the most important. Parents always give their children a good example, the family education way is quite common, but this is a kind of blind mentality. This education method, easy to make the child a sense of frustration, is not conducive to the cultivation of children’s self-confidence. First, for example the child parents from the heart is not convinced, would not accept. Second, will make the child will never be able to feel, because the new model will appear in front of. If you have unrealistic expectations of children, parents can not reach the requirements, parents will be the child of the negative, and then develop the child’s self denial. So, the child in the development of the difficulties will be in panic, retreat, the child’s psychological damage.
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Experts also mention such a strange phenomenon. Dozens of Chinese and foreign children together for a test, the score after the test to take home to their parents to see the results of their parents, the results of the Chinese parents see the child’s score, 80% said they were not satisfied, and foreign parents have 80% expressed satisfaction. In fact, foreign children’s achievements are not as good as the Chinese children, this matter shows that China’s parents are accustomed to looking at the child with a critical perspective, look at others and the world. While foreign parents are used to appreciate the view of their own, children and the world. So, it is suggested that parents appreciate the vision to look at the child, to find the child’s strengths, sincere appreciation for him.
Children: as long as I can remember, my mom and dad will continue to get others and I than, especially in every time after after the parents, I is me, do not take me with others than.
Parents: we do parents want to eat reluctant to wear, but he would not give us good, others for him, why not?
Experts: parents are advised to look at the appreciation of children, to find the child’s strengths, sincere appreciation for him.
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Temper flying wings

Temper flying wings

Temper flying wings
In June 1899, a year old girl was a 19 year old girl who was a blind man in the United States of America. She took 9 hours to complete the examination of German, French, Latin and other courses, and achieved excellent results in the entrance examination, and became a college student at Harvard University.
It is not easy to pass the same exam, even if it is a person who is physically sound. What’s more, it is a blind girl who is deaf and dumb! In many people’s eyes, this is a miracle, and the creation of this miracle is the famous American writer Keller Helen.
When Helen a year and a half, she had on a named “scarlet fever” disease, turned out to be a deaf and dumb and blind girl. Little Helen’s parents saw her daughter could not communicate with people, and she called for a experienced family teacher, miss Anne Sullivan.
Miss Sullivan is a teacher of the deaf children, even if she has the experience of teaching deaf children, at first she and small Helen to communicate and teach her literacy, but also very difficult. Miss Sullivan shortly after, gave Helen a doll. Helen touched dolls very happy, Miss Sullivan will in Helen’s hand written “doll” this word, and read “doll”. Small Helen can’t see and hear, she at first don’t understand “baby” is what mean, miss Sullivan again and again patiently to teach her, little Helen finally slowly understand. Little Helen is such a repetition of the words used in some of the life.
Later, in the deaf mute school, the headmaster Fuller personally taught little Helen to learn pronunciation. She let Helen hand on her face, to feel the change rule of tongue and mouth muscles, and again and again to teach her to imitate the pronunciation. Little Helen insisted on practice every day, and finally learned to speak with the mouth, with the finger to listen to the words.

Temper flying wings2
Since then, little Helen began to use amazing perseverance, learning English, German, French, Latin and greek. When the teacher gave a lecture, miss Sullivan spelled the contents of the little Helen’s hand. Small Helen understand after, on the memory to understand the text, and then use the boss to do homework. She used this method to study algebra, geometry, physics and other courses, also used to write articles and translations of the works.
Helen with a strong belief, tenacious perseverance to overcome the difficulties unimaginable, her second year at University, completed the autobiography “my life story”. After the publication of the novel, praised by Mark Twin and other writers, known as “the masterpiece of world literature”. Since then, Helen writes, published 14 books, has become a famous writer.
Some people have compared the girl to the beautiful angel. The body of the defect has made Helen Keller once lost the wings of the wings, but she is relying on self-confidence and perseverance to get a pair of invisible wings, and finally flew over the dark, ushered in the dawn. Helen Keller said: “for those who are above the destiny, faith is the master of fate.” On the road of life, there are twists and turns is not terrible, as long as you stick to the dream, the tenacious struggle, you will be able to fly to the ideal of the other side.
Helen Keller (1880~1968), American writer and educator. To be a blind deaf mute when one year old. Under the family teacher Anne Sullivan’s careful guidance, Helen with his strong will, learned to speak, and began to communicate with others. Since then, she studied subjects of math, science, English, French, German, etc., with honors admitted to the women’s college, Harvard University, graduating in 1904. Helen Keller has dedicated his life to the welfare and education of the blind, and has won praise from world opinion.

The girl’s healthy growth don’t need endless blame

The girl's healthy growth don't need endless blame1

The girl’s healthy growth don’t need endless blame
In the course of the child’s growth, it is inevitable that this or that kind of wrong behavior. These errors are often due to the child’s age is small, considering the problem is not comprehensive or do not pay attention to the cause of the majority is not expected to commit a parent or elders. Of course, some rebellious girl will be interested in using the behavior and parents against wrong. Even so, parents should not be strict with the girls, too much blame not only can not let the children to correct mistakes, often will make the child more serious resentment and resentment.
Experts believe that too much blame will not bring any help to the child. When parents blame their children, they have a good idea of the hearts of the original will be destroyed, so that children do not know what to do, and then make more mistakes, bring parents more blame. This vicious cycle continues, easy for children to frustration, to further the development of self denial, to Ebara encountered a panic will be difficult in the growth and retreat. What parents should do if they are not conducive to their growth?
1 control emotions, learn to encourage children
When the child has the wrong behavior does not recognize or unwilling to accept criticism, parents often can not suppress the anger, the instinct to blame the child.
There is such a problem in a questionnaire. When a child makes a mistake, what do you say to your child?. 53% of the parents answered. What are you doing, what?.. You see who is, people can not make mistakes!.
As we can see, some parents can not tolerate the child’s wrong behavior, these parents lack the place is mainly to have no consideration of the child’s feelings. They think, to remind the child to see other people’s achievements, to stimulate the child’s progress. But for strong self-esteem girls, often get the opposite of what one wants. Parents blame, more easily hurt the child’s self-esteem. If parents take a positive attitude, they will have a positive effect.
One day, the girl’s father saw her daughter in front of a sprinkling of milk in a daze. When he saw the next cup of milk, he understood what was going on. He did not blame the child, but went to the child, comfort the child said. Baby grow up, really good, want to take a cup of milk.. Then, my mother came to him. Sui Sui peace (pieces), annual growth. Don’t be afraid, you’ll get it next time.
The young parents not only did not blame the child’s behavior, but also to encourage the child, parents this positive attitude will let the children have confidence, will take the next time. Like this is good at using the psychological characteristics of the child, the child’s progress and efforts to give encouragement, it means that the child has accumulated a positive emotion, so that children feel good.
2 don’t too much to limit the behavior of the child
The child’s behavior has a lot of parents is “fear” word pawn, and activities for children limit child to wear with friends go out to play, parents fear their children tumble, fear of being bullied children to move a small chair, afraid of children encounter a child’s foot climb up onto the table to from a higher place downwards jump, no matter there is no danger, parents will shengsejuli be stopped. Some parents not only for children pipe head pin, too much interference, and the child’s behavior slightly substandard adults, unwarranted accusations. Studies have shown that a any action by excessively limit the children, is the most easy to produce dependence and cowardly psychological, when the child’s curiosity and courage is a pressed down time, the child will think he is stupid, what not to do. This will directly lead to the lack of independent spirit of the child, resulting in inferiority complex.
3 that your criticism must be used with caution

The girl's healthy growth don't need endless blame
We used to say that children are good, but now some parents think that the child is good for others. They can’t see the advantages of their children, see is child’s shortcomings and deficiencies, only know the children accused, so they always have a sense of satisfaction, in the children’s education lack of patience, but do not know how to help children overcome the disadvantages, so that some of the children of broken broken jar fell. We grow old by deserting our ideas. So, parents blamed the criticism of the child must be used with caution.
Parents should learn how to think about the benefits of children, thanks to the child to bring you happiness and happiness, so that parents will not always think of their children’s shortcomings, will adjust their mentality, less criticism and criticism of children, more to give them appreciation and encouragement. With the encouragement of their parents, the child will get a power, set up the confidence, on the road of growth, and constantly correct mistakes, overcome difficulties, and finally get a wonderful life.
Some people say. Accused as an agent of the “drug anthelmintic except disease. , these drugs. Only when necessary with caution. Inappropriate blame for child abandonment, in good faith for the kids to encourage confidence and courage. In the course of the child’s growth, parents less blame, more encouragement, can better help children grow healthily.

Cultivate the girl’s temperament

        Cultivate the girl's temperament   

Cultivate the girl’s temperament
A girl’s forthright personality, culture
“Natural to the carving, the blue lotus”, the girls to the natural, fresh, elegant image appear in front of you. To cultivate the girls learn to smile, to each person to show their sweet smile, the smile as the most beautiful cosmetics, as a communicative language.
Two, to cultivate the good character of girls
“The paradise of the heart is good”, the first character is good, good people, where can get everyone’s trust, support and help. So parents want to put their children into a good, caring people. Let girls love nature, care for small animals, care for children, the elderly, etc.. A girl with a heart full of love will always be welcomed.
Three, to cultivate the artistic quality of girls
In ancient China, attaches great importance to “girls” lyre playing, chess, calligraphy and painting learning, let the kids learn musical instruments, dancing, painting and other artistic skills, not to must let the child be an artist, but in the process of learning these skills, cultivate sentiment, meditation cultivation.
Four, to cultivate the cultural connotation of girls
To make girls more reading, not only to learn the textbook knowledge, but also to let the children read some extra-curricular books: fashion magazines, health, food, economy, etc., to make the girl heart rich, it will not be outside the temptation to wave and wave perturbation inner calm, improve the taste of girls!
Five, cultivate the girl’s civilization etiquette
There are a lot of man woman, the female man is refers to the independent independent girls, instead of doing a slovenly casually. Some of the girls from an early age to develop a hand to eat, Alice his legs, the legs open sitting, walking goujiandabei etc., always feel the hero gas. As everyone knows that this is not the performance of family education, so parents should be young and good education children these habits.
Six, cultivate girls independent consciousness
Girl from a young age to let her learn to “self-reliance, self-respect, self-improvement”, rather than when grown up, let her from the hardships of life to realize, otherwise it’s too late!
Seven, to develop a strong and tough girl spirit
Parents should train a young age girls strong character, rather than face a little is pear, believe that modern no a few people like Lin Daiyu, she this sensitive cry character, not only trouble people around, it is hurt yourself!
Eight, cultivate a girl optimistic open-minded attitude
Compared with boys, I believe a lot of people think girls narrow-minded, haggle over every ounce, parents should be cultivated from an early age girls optimistic and open-minded attitude. To be liberal and dignified life, be neither humble nor pushy. Not because of a little care about gains and losses and bring trouble on oneself or shrew.
Girl’s temperament training should start early, otherwise the habits of some deep-rooted, behave in the future is difficult to correct the, even if intended to hide, exposed in the gestures. So a girl’s parents must pay attention to!

Let each child grow up healthy


Let each child grow up healthy
British writer Thackeray once said, “the behavior of sowing, harvesting habits, planting habits, harvest character, sowing character, harvest destiny.” Way out the importance of cultivating good behavior habits. Tao Xingzhi, a thinker in our country, once said, “the most important habits of life are likely to be successful before the age of six”. Reveals the necessity of the cultivation of good behavior habits should be early start.
Now children, most of them are only children, is the home of the sun, family of the child’s life take care of meticulously, give the child to eat the best, wearing the best, help children do everything that needs to be done, the maximum to meet the child’s never in front of the children said loudly: “no”. Grandparents, parents too much spoiling, causing children to self as the center, poor ability to adapt, self willed, fear and other issues. From the beginning teacher home visits and questionnaire survey found that small most of the children in the home mouth to eat, clothes to hand, attaches great importance to the many parents of children’s cognitive education, intellectual development, the cultivation of children’s behavior is to “small children” for reason or acting on their behalf not corrected, in early childhood development exist cognitive ability and behavior ability is not harmonious, not synchronous. Many young children in the performance of the program is also very confident, but once let them go to complete a simple task, it is at a loss. Such as: the beginning of the school, the general parents most concerned about things: “my family’s children to eat?” “What did you eat today?” “All the dishes are eaten today?”…… Questions like this. Some parents even said: “my kids like to eat what, other do not eat anything on with him,” parents of this kind of idea prompted children formed eat picky, picky eaters, the partial eclipse, eat bad eating habits of playing, etc., with the passage of time, resulting in a child body nutrient ratios disorders, caused by various signs of malnutrition, affecting the healthy growth of children. Resulting in the beginning, a small part of children with food helpless, just going to sit back and wait for, because these children even eating utensils will not take, not to mention their own independent dining, is also not to say there is a good habit. And the children have not yet formed dining, going to the toilet, listening, playing toys, etc. the basic behavior habits, if we allow this situation to develop, children’s behavior problems will more and more, children’s bad development will be inevitable, will have adverse effects on the rest of your life. This school year I from the age characteristics, psychological development characteristics, formulate corresponding measures to be implemented, to help children form a good living habits. After a school year, they felt a lot of progress. Now make a summary.
First, according to the actual situation of children in the class, to determine the good stage of training objectives.
Children’s good health habits of life, including all aspects of content. At the same time, the children good habits formation is a process of education for a long time, we should according to the class of children, designated a each stage to focus on training target, the eyebrows beard grabbed. Small opening at the beginning, the focus on: cultivate children’s meals after they wash their hands, correct use handkerchief, tableware, not picky eaters and other aspects, children to adapt to the collective life after adding content: the correct method of washing, eating chewing food thoroughly, not talking to keep clean, break the clothes in the right seat, not noisy, do not disturb others, learning sorting toys and books and, after according to the actual situation of children requirements and master degree gradually increased in and pay attention to the characteristics of individual children in education and teaching, vary from person to person, so that has a number of heart, and education in order to have targeted, in order to achieve good results. In addition, small children’s age, for many life habits of the right or not no accurate concept. For children’s bad behavior, teachers can not simply blame, stop, and should be properly explained, the model, so that the formation of young children is a positive concept, there is a model to follow. Such as classes, I have a lot of children in the park at the beginning, take the chair with only one hand dragging the chair go, do not know how to gently, gently and often tilted chair or collide with each other. To this end, I had a conversation with a young child before lunch. Told the children to take a small chair when the chair will be very “pain”, but also easy to damage, and I gave the child a demonstration, and explain how to take the chair, how to gently put the chair, and then, please do me. The children imitate my hands gently pick up the chair, carefully put back seat. From the chairs about kids were out of sight, “bang bang Baba” hit the sound of chairs without, if who occasionally forget, in violation of the requirements, will be immediately other little friends reminded him to immediately correct.