Self-care ability of children developing effective strategies

Self-care ability of children developing effective strategies
Self-care ability of children developing effective strategies
Self-care ability refers to child care in their daily lives to work fortheir own lives. Simply put is self service, take care of yourself, it is aperson‘s most basic life skills. Helps to develop children‘s sense of responsibility, self-confidence and his ability to deal with problems, andwill have a far-reaching impact on the future life of the child. Old sayingsaid: five years of acquisition, as well as 60. This explains theimportance of children developing some good habits from childhood.
Case studyeducation
1. in the Jin dynasty, some children of powerful cock birds all day long,lived a life clothing mouth. Later, the war happens, scatter servantsescape, these children cannot ride a horse, rice won’t Cook, had to sit andwait for death. Now the children around us? Primary school Shi, dad sent, mother received, without himself go a step road, on even bag are is by parents back; to admitted to good is of high school, daily is learning, and learning again learning, hands-on of thing almost are not or without do; finally Shang has University, but they not hanging nets, not wash clothes, Shang University need please nanny, and part-time, even to parents accompanied, clothes pants with home “honor” parents or went straight to the dry cleaning shop……
Imagine if a man even his everyday wouldn’t do or do not want to do, how canwe expect him to do something for someone else in the future? As theancients said: a House do not sweep, sweep the world? as a result,activities to children are required, it is urgent.


2. when children are 4 years old this year (b) class of freshmen, one Park,he was a very lively, and his companions in a strange new environmentfriendly; can actively participate in the educational activities of teachers ‘ organizations. When eating, other kids are eating with relish, but he satthere look, and teachers how to encourage, praise, hope he do it yourself,but he just wouldn’t start. At first, we thought he was uncomfortable, youfeed him, he can turn his share of the meal eat it all. Can continuous days are such, we think somewhat strange, will and clearly of grandma understand clearly in home dinner of situation, only know original clearly with dad mother and Grandpa Grandma live in with, a age half of when, on can himself dinner, but eat have everywhere are is, also often sprinkled rice, Grandma too he put clothes lane dirty has, and think he too thin has should more eat points, so on not let he himself eat, and has been feed he dinner, results habit has didn’t want to himself dinner of habits.
Intelligence, ability to light
Current situation of China‘s one-child family, parents tend to pay specialattention to children‘s intellectual development, education, from prenatal care to one or two years taught early childhood literacy, singing, piano,drawing and, parent to child skills training investment is enormous, andneglects the cultivation of self-care ability of children. Tree of natureeducation to make parents think that children of young, don’t worry, childcare capacity are now taught not to teach, learn or not is a matter, grow upnaturally. As everyone knows, the opportunities for such practices deprivedearly self-care ability of children, so that children depend on others,becomes self-centered, selfish personality everyone else should work for me,parents should not give children opportunities for yourself, let them buildconfidence through exercises and finish they can complete tasks, and getsthe job done and proud of myself. This is young children build self-confidence, sense of achievement, independence, effective premise ofwillpower.
3. the Crystal children in kindergarten is a very good kid. She can do anything: their eating, dressing myself, by myself … … Also often helpsome weaker companion, is the leader in teachers ‘ eyes. Day morning Park,Crystal shoes back, by teacher after a reminder, she said, Grandma back tome. Good shoes to come over.
Parents ‘ excessive indulgence package
The above example is not difficult to see, children have mastered the skillsof shoes, but why did her parents continue to help? This should beattributed to the parents of the child spoiled children self-care abilityand they do not trust. Most children now mainly consists of Grandpa andGrandma, Grandpa and Grandma before enrollment, more favor to the thirdgeneration of the elderly after their retirement, they say, children, can’t bear to let children do this or that, if worn, what will happen? Dang children are active requirements himself hands-on Shi, parents produced has many of “fear” and “not trust” thought: children himself hands-on wear clothing fear wear not neatly, fear slow has sick; children himself dinner fear eat not full, fear off have everywhere are is, fear eat of slow rice cool has; children himself go fear tired with, fear knock with touch with; children himself wash fear made everywhere is water, fear wash not clean, children himself wipe ass fear wipe not clean, children himself sleep fear sleep not with, fear pedal quilt, fear dangerous…… So parents were deprived of the aspirations and opportunities of children hands-on
4 have two children both want to do it yourself wearing socks, loving theirmothers to meet their aspirations. When faced with a crooked when wearingone of children’s sweating, a mother angrily children shouting: I saidyou’re not, you want to be brave, nevermind, I’ll give you. The childrenmade this no longer willing to try to do things for myself. Bmother was delighted to appreciate one‘s own child: yo! Today, just put yourself in areally competent. Come, let Mommy look! Yeah, that’s good, direction andthen adjust if this place would be better. The children are encouraged tonot only getting socks neatly, and independent work and strong interest andconfidence of, over time, abilities and strong.
Improper guidance strategy of developing
Some parents also want to cultivate children‘s ability, the idea is good,but in the end, there was still no effect. The main reason was the trainingmethods were too simple, rough, impatient, dampening the enthusiasm of thechildren’s self-esteem and learning. When children first started working,often doing very slow, and sometimes even errors and is in need of thesupport and encouragement of parents to help improve so that childrenexperience to finish one thing their happiness, thus enhancing theconfidence in their work.

Girl’s edge

Girl's edge

Girl’s edge
“Will I be as brave as Jack in the Pirates of the Caribbean? Will it save the world like Altman?” The daughter sent such a question, and then, and distressed to say: “they are men, I am just a girl, why is the captain of the non male?”
The daughter is not only unfair, but also feel the sigh of this. In her little head and wondering why the hero is always a man? Why do women heroes so little? At this time, grandma will break her ideas: the girls should be like the girls, the boys are doing, as long as the girl holding the sub line.
The duty? How familiar words ah, only a short while ago formed a popular at a time, what is the girl’s duty? It is to hold that the so-called gentle as an understanding wife and loving mother, skilled, the rest is not permitted for offbeat, social.
However, with the advent of the era of the only child, the promotion of women’s rights to make a girl’s character has changed, but this does not mean that the future of your daughter is not a good housewife. Just think: a good housewife is a good measure of the important standard of girls do? To my observation: the silly girl is sometimes happy, but know how to control their own advantage of the girls have always been scenery! Of course, to ordinary or scenery, only their own. Like a turtle to live longer, if all day lying on the seabed, the live ten thousand years and what is it? Advantage education is the fundamental reason why the girl can not live, play their own advantages to live?
Looked at her daughter’s face, I said: “some of the work for men, some work for women, as the captain of this work long drifting in the sea, not only to endure loneliness, but also need a certain physical. The man is so strong that most of the men are men. However, there is a female captain now, because the technology in the development, the ship is no longer so much manual work, but also need to work, so the captain appeared. Let’s look at the plane. Is there a lot of women in the plane? Just like the captain of a military parade. This shows that girls in the technology is not a bit better than men, there are men and women who have a hero, which depends on you do not want to do well, how to do good. This will require you to take advantage of girls ”
What advantage does the girl have? The girl in the communication and coordination capacity than boys a big advantage, research shows that women left than men developed left brain, left brain controls language and abstract thinking ability, so the female imagination and language skills than the congenital male, show that women should obviously than men in social communication ability. Although not in the power of women and men to compete, but in the future society, communication and the ability of thinking need more things to deal with it, which will undoubtedly make women better play to advantage.
As a mother, you want to tell your daughter’s own advantages, strengthen the training of the left and right brain development, but not to give her a way of thinking, the woman is the weak. This impression made it will affect the development of her character, she ignored the weak advantage, a problem not to think how to solve, but then, or is a relatively strong dependence, in the course of time is to develop the personality of lady, but was buried. This is why some women destined to be buried in the hearth, some women have become a princess like cinderella.
There are many have just entered junior high school girls have wondered why I become more stupid? Is not really what people say, just a girl in the primary school period performance than boys after good, true to the junior high school than boys?
A problem encountered this problem when I have just entered junior high school, in most of the girls have just entered junior high school, many subjects suppressed, learn a bit difficult, this is actually a very natural phenomenon. Don’t be known as “older boys than girls IQ is high IQ” fallacy by misleading, there is no evidence to show that girls IQ is poor than boys, but boys than girls in the rational thinking on a little better, so there are some girls become tired of the science of mathematics physics and chemistry class but, this does not mean that your IQ is a problem, but the problem of the cultivation of interest. To cultivate their own interests, not to go to the Department, the Department will only make your knowledge is narrow.
At this time she needs to be as a mother of your reasonable guidance, to dispel her on the rumors of the boys IQ high error awareness, establish good enough confidence to deal with the new discipline, the new semester, slowly let her into normal learning orbit. Then I also listened to the mother’s encouragement to dispel the doubts, to make the learning achievement more and more good, a lot of boys do not solve the problem of mathematical physics, I still take it easy.
At that moment, I was thinking: who said that girls are worse than boys? As long as you try, what time will you have the advantage, if only not aggressive, genius will become a fool!

Develop interest in girls

Develop interest in girls
Develop interest in girls


A wide range of interests, hobbies, a great influence on human life. Forgirls, it is even more important. Girls can have their own interests, and as a music so that she will not in the future because nothing better but to feel lonely; girls have broad interests, and to the effort, it is mastered into a golden key to the gate of success; every interest, possible girl’s life … …


In real life, although there are a lot of MOM and dad have noticed, varietyof hobbies and how important it is to train girls.
But it cannot be denied is that a large part of MOM and dad, still is inaccordance with their own ideas and preferences, arranged for the baby‘sfuture development path; or because of some inherent educational thought,forced baby to give up one of your favorite things, block baby hobbiesgermination.


A little girl came earthworms broke in half, two halves are creeping, isparticularly curious. She broke the earthworms are put into two pots ofsoil, wants to observe broken earthworm can live. Mother was very angry,said: a girl, playing with mud, for nothing! Subsequently, the mother ofearthworms in two mud out of the gate.
Babies interested in germination, the MOM in a little girl should be cleanand do some little girl is the right thing to do for the baby was forced tostop acts of observation, exploration. The mother may not think about them,she threw one curse, one, is likely to ruin a woman scientist.
Appreciate and respect your baby‘s interest and supported with greatenthusiasm the baby, doing great chess master Xie, mother.
That year, Xie faces or chess team, or the choice of staying in school togive up chess. She wanted to go to school more likely to play chess, becauseonly she knows, just sit before the Board, she will be extremely fun andexciting. And her mother, the electronic engineer graduated from theDepartment of automation, Tsinghua University, considered for only daughteris more of her studies and future. As a literate mother intervention thanMOM and dad both lost a genius chess player, rather than daughter for thisdelay.
So, a very serious conversation between mother and daughter, Xie was only 12years old. You like to play chess, right? Xiao Xie, looked at my mother, I never saw mum‘s so serious, and a bit scared, but still nodded. OK, but youhave to remember that playing chess this way is your own choice, since youchose to play in the future, will be responsible to yourself!
Just think, if the mother had forced Xie, reading, her love of chess, well,Xie now might sit in a University classroom, and our country will lose agood player. It is undeniable that Xie behind, there is a great mother!
Advice for MOM and dad
As MOM and dad, not only appreciate your baby‘s interest, but also atfinding the baby‘s interest. And, no matter what your interest in baby, youhave to find with great enthusiasm and support, ability to make itsdevelopment a.
Method one: to respect and support the girl‘s interests
To her many interests, she developed a variety of intelligent, as MOM anddad, the first thing we should do is respect her interests and hobbies andmake the appropriate meeting.
For example, if your daughter loves butterflies flutter, MOM and dad might as well an flutter butterfly net for her, and her nature to catchbutterflies, and take this opportunity to teach her some knowledge aboutbutterflies and other insects. I went home, and MOM and Dad can also teachher methods of butterfly specimens, and then classify and archive specimenswith her. Opportunities can also provide some illustrations for her books onbutterflies. Perhaps it is in this process, you create a futureentomologists.
Method two: on her daughter‘s difficulties when the lend a hand
Train your baby‘s interest, without MOM and dad support encourages. Any onething, baby may be interested at first, but over time you‘ll feel bored, youneed MOM and dad support, especially in times of difficulty, to go with thebaby and have a tough time.
A wise mother would do very well in this regard:
When daughter was in third grade, school classes signed up, she would like to sign up for volleyball class, his father and I support her, but we knewour daughter not to eat the bitter.
Sure enough, two weeks later, daughter face said to me: MOM, playingvolleyball, boring. Teacher lets us run all day, Bunny hop, do sit up, tootired.
I smiled and said, daughter, teacher practice your endurance and jumpingability, which is playing good volleyball basic skills necessary. I believeyou are the best, others can do it you can do it too.
Encouraged her to put in at the same time, I also specially bought for his daughter the volleyball, encourage her to play with my classmates. In addition, I often go to see her and her father‘s training, competitions,often with her volleyball. Gradually, the daughter became the star of theteam, from a setter to a Spiker, growth for the last captain of the schoolvolleyball team.
Most of the time, the baby is like a seedling, growing up will inevitablyencounter difficulties and setbacks. At this time, MOM and dad should befixed to the seedlings were two sturdy sticks, baby when I encountereddifficulties or setbacks, helping her, encourage her, taught her how toovercome difficulties so that she can grow up healthily.

How to cultivate a girl’s good habits

How to cultivate a girl's good habits

How to cultivate a girl’s good habits
Train girls to correctly evaluate their good habits, parents should let the children feel at any time, I am not stupid, I really do!
The harsh criticism has stopped the girl’s strength, she only has the shortcoming, where is also the confidence to get up? Where can I evaluate myself and know myself?
The girl who thinks he is a talented woman, she is likely to become a prodigy. On the contrary, if she thinks she is stupid, she really will be more and more stupid. Investigate its reason, is the psychological suggestion in play, the problem is to be afraid of, the more afraid of the more easily wrong, wrong to feel more stupid, which will form a vicious cycle, the growth of girls is very bad.
In real life, many parents do not pay attention to their own girls can not correctly evaluate their own details, they tend to think that is not important. But in fact, this is not correct for their own understanding of the girl can not play their own talent, the lack of confidence in the state of the state of death, the result of waste of their talents. They had to use half the time to have a double effect of learning, but it has been a setback to break the wings of flying, which is really a pity.
In fact, a lot of talented girls in life are in the criticism of their parents’ rude encounter, and many parents do not know the reason for the loss of her daughter. The harsh criticism stopped the girl’s strength, and she had only a weakness. In this regard, the experts put forward the following suggestions for parents:
Advice for parents: tell a girl, others see you look, you will see yourself round.
When the teacher gives you the girl brought a setback, you can put this sentence as a motto, hang on the girl’s wall, encourage her to correct evaluation of their own. This can bring the power to her learning, while preventing her because of the teacher’s criticism, then become.
Give your parents advice two: shout out your girl.
When a girl is afraid to make a little progress, you should praise her loudly. Your praise will make the girl continue to work hard, continue to achieve greater success, the praise of your greatest reward. They also have a positive and optimistic understanding and evaluation of their own.
Give parents advice three: you are not a genius, who is a genius.
List the characteristics of genius, once the girl’s behavior in line with a standard, take to her, tell her, she is a genius, strengthen her self-confidence. This approach has helped deaf children admitted to the University, the girl can also apply to your.
Give your parents advice four: “tell you a good news!”
Every day the girl comes home from school, the first sentence should be “tell you a good news”. This optimistic attitude, the girl is not in a good mood swept away, let the girl’s spirits. The good news is that no matter how very little optimism, parents can become the greatest comfort girl.
To the parents of the five: “daughter, I’m proud of you!”
Want to often say to the girl “I am proud of you”, the girl gets results, for her efforts and pride, the girl met setbacks, for her to bear the fight to continue to work hard and proud. The pride of parents is the girl’s greatest power.
Give parents the advice six: the future of the advantages for the girl’s applause.
When the girl set their own goals, parents should take the girl’s goal as a future advantage, every time the girl from the advantage of the step, parents should give her loud cheers. Even if your girl Nothing is right., as long as she is willing to work hard, you should cheer.

How to get kids into the habit continued the good habit of reading

How to get kids into the habit continued the good habit of reading
How to get kids into the habit continued the good habit of reading
1. Every time to parent-child reading
At this stage children, especially children under age 4, read how parent-child reading as the main way. Therefore, parents need to accompany childrento study every day, but it is indeed a challenge for busy parents, but tothe growth of children, parents must keep accompany. Parents with theirchildren every day reading time should be set in accordance with the age ofthe child. Under normal circumstances, before the age of 3 can be 10-20minutes after 3 years old, may be appropriately extended, but must becareful not to let the children get bored. Of course, in addition tospecified study time every day, children want to read something, then letthem go, parents would not have to accompany their children.
2. Try reading at fixed locations
In order to develop the good habit of reading, parents best read children‘splace fixed. Special arrangement can be at home in a quiet, warm atmosphereand Fusion‘s reading corner, kids can feel the atmosphere of a peaceful andstable reading. Conditional parents may be given a comfortable cushion, put on some cute dolls and echo of the characters in the book, let the childrenwould be able to get into the book depicts the world of wonders.
3. Reading diary to develop children‘s interest in reading
To encourages children habit good of reading habits, parents may wish to and children with do reading diary,, to records daily of reading results, this method also helps consolidation reading habits mouth like parents can let children from day reading of child book in the, elected some fine of articles, and fragment, has select to copy in reading diary Shang, and simple wrote a sentence reading Hou of feel, this undoubtedly can full play children of reading enthusiasm, also can let children gradually habit reading, and wrote comments of good habits.

How to concentrate on learning

How to concentrate on learning

How to concentrate on learning
Sometimes, our brains are always confused by the confusing things. In the age of the students, these strange thoughts become more and more intense when the exams come. The more you want to learn, the more you can’t concentrate. But for a long time, it will affect the learning efficiency and learning performance.
There are several reasons why you can’t concentrate on learning:
Learning objective is not clear enough
Learning content is too difficult, learning burden is too heavy, the psychological pressure is too large
The learning content is too easy, you have learned by heart, because of repeated learning tired
Excessive fatigue, the brain has not been fully rest
Regardless of what causes the study when the attention is not focused, as long as you try the following approach, it should be how much will have some effect”:
Zaoshuizaoqi, self decompression
Try to use the day to study, improve the learning efficiency per unit time, not greedy black night, tired muddled and all day can not afford to fight spirit. At the same time, do not look at the test results too much, a hard, a harvest, I believe that as long as they work hard, there will be a good return. In this way, the study can be relaxed and happy, the attention is easy to concentrate.
Clear objectives, with good method
From the big side, we have to realize that today’s efforts to learn is to create a bright tomorrow, to become a useful person to the family. From an early age to say, this year, this semester or even this day, I should be completed what learning tasks. The goal is clear, the study of the driving force is enough, attention is not easy to disperse. It is true that we should pay attention to the use of some of the better ways to train ourselves to focus and improve our learning efficiency:
Relaxation training method. Sit comfortably in a chair or lie on the bed, and convey information to the rest of the body. Start from the left foot, so that the leg muscles taut, and then relax, while suggesting that it rest, and then, from the right foot to the trunk, and then relax from the left and right to the trunk. At this time, then from the trunk to the neck, head, face all relax. Just a few minutes, you will be able to enter a relaxed, peaceful state.
Difficult to moderate law. For those who have already been able to solve the problem not to go over and over again and again to the calculation, to find some of the classic problems to conquer. For the difficulty of the problem, first independent thinking, and then turn to the teachers, students or parents. For not interested in difficulty is relatively large, their first set a good plan, limited time to learn, not lax. Take a “hill” in the study, give yourself a reward, so that the sense of achievement to motivate themselves, so as to focus.
Sense and usage. To mobilize a variety of motor organs to coordinate activities in the cerebral cortex to form a strong center of excitement. Such as the ear to listen to the tape, read the words in the mouth, eyes to see the textbooks, hand on the paper to write the words. So, attention is when not “deserter”.
Exclusion method. First, in the absence of any interference in the case of a period of time to recite a paragraph of 200-400 words to see how much time, and then in the side of the article to back this article, to see how long it takes, until the same time in the two environments.

Cultivate children’s right learning habits and methods

Cultivate children's right learning habits and methods

Cultivate children’s right learning habits and methods
Famous writer and educator Ye Shengtao said: “education is to develop good habits.” Good habits can make a person to benefit from a lifetime, good learning habits can let a girl get good grades. Poor performance of the girls, the parents more than the child’s talent is not high or not enough effort, in fact, in addition to these two aspects, that is, learning habits, learning methods have problems.
Learning a mother’s very concerned about the child’s learning method, talking about the girl she said: “teacher said the boy is quite clever and say things can learn, there is a little naughty son, there is to do homework careless too seriously enough. Her primary school performance is very stable, to the junior high school when HERSHEY’S bad. Every day she went home to do the homework quickly, I told her that she had a careless mistake, so that the teacher urged her to do a serious point, finish at least check again. She can do it, but three days later I found she returned to their previous appearance, finish homework carelessly and have no patience examined. I simply stared at her every day, has been going on for two weeks, she has developed a serious habit. After a quiz, after she came back from school to me said, ‘Mom, I am last assignment, I actually checked out of the 4 because of careless wrong problem, I used is the class first assignment, now my goal is not the fastest is 100 points!’ That time, my daughter was admitted to 100 points.”
The lack of correct learning methods learning cannot efficient, good habits is not only related to the girl in front of achievement, more relationship to the long-term development of the child. Even if the girl’s performance is good, parents should also learn to deal with their learning habits, learning methods to achieve understanding and attention, such as unreasonable place, or with the teacher, or consulting education experts, to help children correct.