Parents influence children for life

Pi Jun said that improper family education, children from their parents ‘ injuries tendto be invisible, invisible, not say. For example, ignorance, inability, helpless. So he believes that improving the quality of the parents themselves more important than change. Parents ‘ qualities will affect a child‘s life.
Pi Jun of the ideal color is very rich in character, is like telling a story to illustrate hispoint. He said that he is an idealist, insists on honesty, is not devoid of integrity andmoral character, because the parents as role models.
Pi Jun 3-year-olds with the mother to grandmother‘s House. It was winter, snowflakes floating in the sky.
Jeep wheel into the mire, and despite how drivers and car push, push is not. Mothersaw, rushed up to help, and finally push the Jeep out of the mud out. A leader whoheld mother‘s hand tightly profuse, and said that they would send them to Grandma,but the mother refused politely.
This incident gives Pi Jun impressed, and decades later recall the details as clear asyesterday.
So, to help others, integrity, sense of responsibility, and gradually became Pi Jun oflife and faith. He was gratified that, Pi Bao son, before you know it also inherited itsquality.
Not long ago, one evening, at 9 o’clock, Pi Bao finished their homework, start downloading 2,500 commonly used Chinese characters. Pi Jun seeing, wondering. Pi Bao told his father. At 10 o’clock I’m an uncle to teach downstairs to read
It turns out that a security guard downstairs, as illiterate, often bullied on the job, vowing to learn, to change their fate. He does not know who said that, Pi Bao read very much, so finding Pi Bao, hope Pi Bao can teach themselves to read
Said Pi Jun of the son would appreciate the child two days, time is a little short, butI hope he can do about it. This will not only cultivate his love, while also exercising his perseverance, two birds with one stone.