On the education of children

On the education of children


If you’re puzzled for children‘s education, so by the time you see here, please take a few minutes to read it, perhaps you have some feeling.


Every family has a baby, an eye, a life of our peopleour children.


Our efforts, for him, for this family, busy every day, every night, and wanted to give him the best, make him happy, happy, make him the happiest man in the world.


Desire is good, but if you think you found the child the same? Some parents who struggled to raise our children, but actually hurts the heart hurt God, martyrdom. Why? Why not all the same, why pay so much, in return, but children do not understand, or even respond to you are cold. Of course, this is part of the family‘s problems, is also the most headache problem.


When the kids go to kindergarten, and began to reach out to more people, began to learn communication skills, learning management, learning to participate in collective life, there is their small community. When started in primary school when they began to be independent, learning cultural knowledge … …


Said so much without a student is used. Good, bad, and how to learn. Children first learn they are their parents, parents ‘ words and deeds which directly affects children, your behaviour, manners, opinions, influence for their children was invaluable, because the effect is subtle. Everyone wants, expectations and ambitions into the Phoenix. Because the child is his own glory! They will give or powdered or smear on your face. They are a mirror to themselves, their performance, or make us happy, or make us angry, that sometimes we tend to be our most real portrayal.


Children are the most pure and beautiful, just like a piece of white paper, you drawwhat he has become what, once you are ready to change is difficult, because it becomes the child‘s understanding.


That is what kind of attitude do you have, directly affect the child, there is a word called, attitude is everything. What were you thinking? To work, parents, friends, what is your attitude? Joy? Sad? Pessimistic? Love? Hate?


You of heart loaded of is love, so this love, will illuminated children, illuminated family, you of heart loaded of is hate also or sad, and how can glow shiny, children is small, and can really of what are not understand, from you heart of that copies love he are can feel to, so you of mentality directly effect children, so this first any teacher to from mentality Shang change.


Every child has, or rich or poor they are warm, of course, is physically here, also hada home in the heart, called the heart, how can you do warm your heart? This home no so more of material cross, intrigue, and people comparisons, only you most wants to of a copies warmth, a moved, actually this is love, inside deep of love, more is we of a double eyes, we of heart, do don’t let this unpredictable of world lane blind has we heart, because he can to children, to family, most sincere of moved.


What is love? Everyone loves their child, anxious to heart! But love is not spoiled, love is not all the way he wanted to, but give him forever inexhaustible wealth, is a good state of mind, a truth in life. With a good attitude, no matter how hard the stormwill not be the loser, with the truth in life, to be respected everywhere, penetration in all, beyond and above the masses. Of course, the process of developing good habits is not easy. We need to have much love, patience, confidence, tolerance, understanding and kindness. When your child makes a mistake when, when his horse around, and when he asked when you play, you‘ll heart you? Compromise the mistake? Still stick to my principles, your ideas directly affect him.


Come to school every day is really to learn knowledge? If this is the case simply don’t learn too much. Was more important for him to learn when studying what kind of attitude should be used for dealing with job and still experience the pleasure of learning, do you know about children‘s learning? If the former, then the child will never be passive, that is, children are learning to the nose, don’t even have a happy, positive, how about other, more learning methods? You tell him so much, he can learnit? So on children of education to do, modesty, don’t because children problem not do, or is brain not resuscitation on denied children, you can with easily of metaphor to help children, as don’t to children caused a pressure, because pressure of behind is fear, is disgust, is escape, this is many children why like lie of reasons, because has a “fear” word in heart.


And don’t score as a measure of a child‘s instrument, don’t compare to each other,whatever it is, because everyone has come to this world of meaning, each has its own merits, despite their strengths shine, shiny, because you compared, children are compared. More than money, than the right, than to enjoy than family. But what good is it? When these occupy the heart of time aren’t really blind? If you don’t know what love is? Don’t know how to love? So-called expressions of love into a matter of satisfaction, to the wind was wind, rain rain, even the stars want to pluck. So, if one day, does not meet it? What do children think, my mom, Dad, how could you not love me anymore as before? Children than, than the father than the mother. All in all, isnot to blame for the child, can only say that we do not have to give them a correct understanding.


Many parents complained that the children were not sensible, not listening, and notdistressed people, parents children, children‘s heart on a stone. Back home, becamea little ancestor, what do want to do, it does not reach the goal not to give up. Sometimes, in addition to mobile phones, is the computer or television, like those are allspiritual. It is really sad! Alas!


Why would this be? Because the child does not love, does not know how to love, because he feels that these are MOM and dad do it, no need to concern themselves. And MOM and dad do this is well deserved. In fact, no matter how large, to teach herlover, not always accept love, isn’t it? Accept, all the love becomes a matter of course. So let go, don’t be afraid, afraid that, timid, children free, let them know that someone loves you, to love myself, so that the mind often was light and moist, he returns you will love, so he will know, care, care and filial piety. At that time, you‘ll be pleased.


Fear errors, on fear has errors is Dodge errors, can’t admitted, more terrible of is, parents is ignored errors, and indulgence errors, can’t encountered what things, who on who wrong, results how does not important, important of is to has a star honest of heart, this is rare of, as long as dare squarely himself of errors, this is man of as, may things small, but Verve not small, courage not small. Do you think someone with this kind of attitude, he is a loser? So children are wrong, no matter who is out, parents must be on reason, do not give the child a wrong impression, don’t let your children see themselves as backers, because you can’t stay with him I. Only his courage and maturity, has his own ideas, have some hardship, an aggrieved and don’t be afraid, it is the cornerstone of our success!


These reasons may be too large, but the meaning is not small, because the drop in the stone, detail decides success or failure, the child‘s education must be done with adelicate heart.


Don’t bother, don’t be afraid to drag, the education, and do for themselves is not acreated? Grind your mind like glowing pearls, there is the power of love. If you pay,you in return is an invaluable asset, was better than what has come to be happy, because you paid for a thankful heart, know your heart, which want to want to feel happy.


Well, with all that said, I hope all of you have helped, in fact, educating children is educating myself, improve yourself, hope that the hurried pace of life, will not take away our hearts love and best wishes for happiness.

How to develop children’s reading habit

How to develop children‘s reading habit


Cannot be achieved overnight children‘s reading habit, you need to have a process,step by step. As parents we need to first have a normal heart, not the pursuit of material gain, let the children play in the process of reading then to understandchildren, combined with the child‘s interests, to guide the children and let the child‘sinterest in reading; the third is to insist, the most difficult as well, once the stick willbe fruitful. Children reading this process made me very impressed. How to developchildren‘s reading habit, I have the following three practices:
And provide kids with reading environment
Reading need to have atmosphere, family reading atmosphere has important implications for child, parents often read at home, children with imitation time kids will love reading slowly, imperceptibly, moisten things silently. Three of us often read together around a table, watching their favorite books, even if it‘s just reading the newspaper. Instead, the parents watching TV all day, that your child will read along, and over time became the couch potato. Many parents complain that their children do not love reading, watching TV all day long, in fact, this child wasn’t entirely to blame,television does best, fascinate adults, let alone children. Is the need for parents to let children do well personally, and example of parents is very important.
Second, choose the right children‘s books
In addition to create a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere of family reading, but also to provide children to read children‘s books, and in the selection of books is the ageof the child to adjust. From tearing rotten baby cardstearing rotten reading of infantsinfant pupils in journalsubscribesubscription publications. With subscriptions can keep books a steady stream of updates, children will have a new book everymonth, this is a guaranteed permanence of reading, if the books every day, childrenhave had enough. Books also have the advantage of the subscription, book paper isnot reflective, you can protect children‘s vision, in pursuit of Deluxe version sold outside of many children‘s books, mostly coated paper so that when reading, adults and children does not, reflective glare easily hurt children‘s eyes. In addition to subscriptions, I often go to the bookshop, there are good books I bought, some leave aftershe read the book, I think, to read when she wanted to see, I will be in the net to access the online some excellent books at home and abroad.
Books in addition to regular updates, also pay attention to the diversity of books, choices such as fairy tales, encyclopedic knowledge, historical stories, Chinese and foreign Classics series, which can broaden the field of children‘s reading, let the children a wide range of interests, a wide range of knowledge. Celebrity biographies, success stories can help children get a good education.
Third, let the children choose their own way of reading, and parents give appropriate guidance.
Early children two or three age Shi of reading I used of parent-child reading mode–first adults tells several again, again respectively played role tells, you told a, I told a, increased has interesting, promotion parent-child feelings, children has is like, every day will wrapped around with you a again and a over told, children small of when, like repeat listening to himself familiar of story, in told story of when, I are habits “points read”, side refers to with pictorial Shang of text side tells, is this unconscious of “points read” let children in listening to story of while recognize has many Word, I did not notice at first, but when sorting through the cards, children around, I just askher, she will know. I was shocked, we didn’t teach her how to read, how could it be?Also did not go to kindergarten. Later, guess, may be read when children listen and remember, validated, indeed. I found this reading in a way that‘s suitable for their children, will continue to be used, some time after the child‘s literacy soared, whilemutualspeak reading on the rise while interest also play a role in correcting typo.
Some children also love to listen to stories, has weakened after a period of time of interest, what is the reason? In fact, some parents asked the child finished the story:who in the story, they were doing? Do you still remember these words? Let the child have a heart stress, feel after listening to the story and I want to answer the questions, keep in mind a lot of words, is not so pleasant. I think the story should make children feel is a kind of enjoyment, feel the affection from parents.