Parents how to care and education of adolescent girls

First, do not ignore the construction of a good parent-child relationship, so that her daughter to get the warmth of family. From the point of view in many cases, parents are because of the neglect of the daughter enter adolescence emotion completely don’t in childhood, even still treat children parenting style face daughter, it is easy to make parent-child relationship conflict, a long time, girl’s reverse psychology are being strengthened constantly, until the adults and children between each other is not recognized, do not trust, do not accept, feel the child of the family warmth. When the girl from the emotion cannot from the father father, from the mother’s body to lack of maternal love, the heart will be very lonely and depressed, the result is bound to look for outside the family that can meet their emotional needs. Once the emotional transfer to the outside of the family, parents are difficult to control the scope of the action of her daughter, not to mention security, its dangerous consequences are difficult to predict.
The two is not only focused on the academic achievements and said, was concerned about her daughter’s craving. In the exam oriented education today, many parents still excessive emphasis on the score itself, while ignoring the healthy personality and psychological training for her daughter. Once the child is affected by the bad social atmosphere, and the influence of learning useless, will inevitably turn their attention to learning. When they get a temporary psychological comfort from the opposite sex, they will believe that the opposite sex than their parents to her good, will naturally relax vigilance. Once the lack of self protection, in the induction of the opposite sex, a step by step into the abyss of danger. So, adolescent daughter’s parents must draw attention, in addition to take care of the children’s learning, but also concerned about life and emotion of the daughter, make her feel that parents can trust, is deeply in love with her, let the children from their parents get enough psychological sense of security, no empathy from outside the home.
Three is not a strong discipline daughter, but a reasonable education and guidance. Hit and scold, responsibility and punishment, need careful consideration, must not be arbitrary. Otherwise, you will hurt her daughter’s self-esteem, once the girl lost self-esteem, they will break the jar broke, the more parents do not let what they do, they do. As a result, the non – once the discipline is not the purpose, but to further strengthen the contradictions. From the parent-child relationship is very tense family, parents often and let things only, attitude is stiff, the daughter will be opposite to. No matter what the children do something wrong, parents must first learn to care about their daughter’s psychological feelings, so that her daughter feel the parents of their own good. Second, to help her daughter to restore things through, to help them to do a careful analysis, by guiding the children to judge the right and wrong, to improve the child’s cognitive ability. If parents are lack of enough patience, easily by anger the daughter of negative emotions, is likely to make the problem cannot be solved, not to mention the purpose of education and guidance.
Four is to ignore the construction of the family rules, often let girl self-awareness is very strong. Many parents in children’s growth process, most of them neglect the role and power of conventional rules, ferial education alone empty preaching, no by no according to. Sometimes parents say a few words, a few children even sophistry, rational than adults. If parents usually pay attention to the construction of the rules of the family, to their children life work set the rules and meet the educational opportunities, to the rules as the basis, combined with an analysis of the fact that, in general, easy to get the child’s identity. At the same time, we also see, not bound by the rules of the adolescent girls, we often want to more freedom, first at home and outside the home, a long time will persist, in total disregard of the consequences of doing things.
Five is not to ignore the adolescent sex education, so that her daughter to learn to protect their own pure body and mind. With the development of economy, the concept of opening, the diversification of information channels, many girls have become more and more adult behavior after puberty. They always feel that they have grown up, they can be responsible for themselves, but due to the experience of life is very short, very little social experience, in resolution, self-control is very weak. At the same time by the rapid development of physiological development, the girl’s mood changes faster, because the parents and teachers can not move a few words to stimulate the heart can not afford to feel their own innocent and grievances. When the girls want to vent emotions, often find heterosexual boys. Due to heterosexual boys also faced girl’s emotional state of development, coupled with the physiological impact dynamic also in unceasing enhancement, the slightest mistake will be offside special move. Hope that parents usually want to take time to educate her daughter, so that she knows how to protect their body, not easy to play emotions, indulge themselves.
Six is not to use the negative case as someone’s home joke, to be used as a teaching material to use. Every year, there are a lot of adolescent girls out of the case, some even painful, life threatening. Rational parents should be combined with the case to educate and guide the daughter, let the child know, once lost parents protection, relying on their fragile body once regardless of the consequences easily escape from home, like the grassland on the stray lamb, it is easy to fall into the wolf population. When the girls are deeply aware of the community is far from their imagination, there will be a kind of psychological fear, will not easily move away from home. Especially today in the Internet and social platforms is very convenient, parents must be on her daughter’s cell phone and Internet use norms, can not let the optional use. Otherwise, network trap were readily phagocytosed girl.