In the world, there is a girl, only a little bit more monotonous, a little more lovely in the world with a woman, only a little less lonely, more warm and happy. The little girl’s lovely beauty, the young girl’s youth is beautiful, the mature beauty of the adult female, the female of each stage has its own beauty. In exploring these beautiful, every parent wants his daughter is the most beautiful, the most promising in the world.
When exploring the experience of successful education outstanding girl, we found a common feature of attention to detail, detail is very small, easy to be ignored by parents, but it’s role is immeasurable.. A thousand miles, not small streams to into a river. Park in the process of education for girls, there are a lot of fine porcelain often in the invisible decided this girl is able to grow healthy and happy and parents of girls’ education success or failure.
Life is composed by a second, for girls, attention to detail is in the river of life every minute every second recognize conscientiously do a good job every thing and become a happy girl, a promising girl for the girl’s parents, that is, pay attention to the children into long process should pay attention to every detail to help the girl with walk of life every step of the way, but also to grasp the “degree. , can let the child choose their own free choice of space and road, but also to give full care for the girl’s growth.
This book focuses on the girl’s personality characteristics, education methods, a total of 10 chapters, 120 details, from the girl’s unique personality, psychological characteristics and growth patterns, to make the girl’s education more targeted from family education, the problem of female growth, the key problem, the girl growing up in the important skills, put forward targeted guidance to parents to teach the important skills, girls, and make a perfect girl to be intelligent and happy.
Any success can make up for the failure of R to do the education of children. By reading the accompany, parents can bring subtlety comprehensive education for girls, which contains the art of communication, criticism art, art can help the majority of parents to easily create intimate parent-child relationship, as the girls grow up provide a healthy, upward, happy environment.
Details determine success or failure, details determine life. Detail oriented, advocating simple, does not mean small and left large, this just is small and focused, from the widest part of efforts to achieve promising girl. Details are ordinary, specific, but it can not be ignored. Only the parents give a little girl a little love, more to the girl a little attention, girls can rely on the details to win, by the details of the perfect life!

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