Play the advantages of women constantly improve themselves

Play the advantages of women constantly improve themselves


Progress of the times and the needs of people living with HIV, so that more and more women are out of the House, involved in AIDS prevention and controlwork, and make some contribution, the emergence of a large number ofoutstanding women community workers. However, although some women have ahigh work ethic, but in attitude, working ability, there is a certain lackof work skills, so that their work cannot be quickly effective, there is asense of ambition. Result of which is: whether infected women and womenorganizations, and men and men‘s organizations to share resources, there isstill a lot of interest differences, women in leadership and decision-makingpower was significantly weaker than the male.
As a woman, how to play to their own advantages, and constantly improvethemselves and do community work, improving policy influence? The paper onthese issues, and a female friend has an AC:
Women community workers vulnerable to misunderstandings:
1, do not have enough confidence, always think this is no good, that doesnot work, can’t bear the burden and responsibility;
2, good at learning, not willing to work under pressure;
3, better at specific jobs, global awareness is not strong, the trees, thetrees.
4, that her husband and son is the vocation, work and family when there is a contradiction, of course, give up work;


Women have to do community work, I think, can range from a few selfcapacitybuilding aspects: narrative convenience, I divided it into threepoints, five sense:
Three main points:
One, full of confidence:
Believing in yourself is the best! Many has do has mother of women are know with appreciated education to education himself of children, but rarely will this thought with in himself body, also no carried out work, on to himself “prison”, not believes himself is “can do event”, dang himself made results to Shi, think “nothing great of, others also such”, once work in the appeared setbacks and errors, on think himself “nothing”. So, we have to docommunity work, first to establish full confidence, days will be a greatman, with confidence.
With confidence, you will want to believe in their strengths, being willing to show their best side.
With confidence, no matter how old you are facing difficulties, you will never give up, you will face, and ways to deal with it, and your work inthis overcome difficulty and constantly progress and development.
I gained confidence, when you face a new areas and opportunities are notafraid afraid, but bold attempt, expanded his own face and work areas;
So, I think, increase their self-confidence is an important first step.
Second, extensive study:
A wide range of learning include books, learn from others, to their ownlearning:
Books to use enoughwhether in the field, in order to be successful,there is at least one thing in common, that is, continuous learning. Many friends think, age big has, what also learn not has, but, as long as you have active of mentality insisted learning, let learning became a habits, you on can feel to, “scholar don’t 3rd, and Dang sit up and”, you of mentality variable has, you of language variable has, you on work and has new of idea and skills has, you face challenge and difficult Shi solution problem of method and more has, you in unknowingly in the growth has.
So, learn where to start?
1, recommendations first of all, learn jobrelated knowledge, it will makeyour job easier, such as basic knowledge of HIV/AIDS, national andinternational trends, relevant policies and regulations of the State of theepidemic, knowledge, teambuilding skills and knowledge, such as NGO;
2, and understand some and engaged in work has contact of other field of knowledge and work, as do women work, not only to care this field of women problem, also to care other field, as rural women participation, and floating women problem, and feminist movement, related knowledge; do children work, also to care other field of as children support taught, and children interests, and children development, and children rescue, aspects content, we will found, many problem is communicates of, understand they of work, also can on himself of work has inspired;
3, read some books on interpersonal and sharpen your mind, to keep a correctOutlook on life, values, and a good attitude, expanding horizons, hemodified his thought pattern.
Learning from others:
1, learn from the experts: experts not only in theory, but in practice hasaccumulated a lot of experience, we can talk to experts about theircommunities and their own work, the experts will give us good suggestions;
2, to learn from the community of talents: again, there are many excellentcommunity organiser in the long-term work has accumulated a wealth ofexperience and skills, difficulties encountered in the work we have a chatwith them, they‘ll have a lot of very practical approach will also give usgood inspiration.
Self learning: continuous summing up at work and constantly modify theshortcomings and deficiencies, and constantly develop our good points andtheir progress.
Third, continuous efforts
So-called as you sow so shall you reap, if you want to do a good job, solidefforts is essential, we need to consider our work as a careerdedicated,professional, using their hard efforts to achieve excellent results.
1, to establish as a target population‘s consciousness of service, to havethe courage to pay;
2, to continue research and AIDS prevention and control of the newsituation, new characteristics, new changes and needs of the targetpopulation, using this as the basis for our work and a guide;
3, in the long-term activity and practice, formed its own characteristicsand patterns of activity, perseverance and innovation according to thechanging situation;
4, work hard to avoid setbacks and disappointments, to learn patience andpersistence, and never give up.
We often say fake words and not the mules, no matter how much we have highideals and dreams of a happy, no matter how passionately we want tocontribute to the community, based on solid work in communities, withremarkable achievements based on cannot be ignored.


We are talking about three points above, the following five:
A, global awareness:
Not only to see the Organization, problems in the region, not only to seetoday‘s issue, also to pay attention to understand the big picture, theglobal situation of the HIV/AIDS, and the prospects for the development ofthe organization.
1, continuous learning, to grasp the national principles and policies,develop their own levels of policy and policy insights;
2, to be resourceful, and according to the situation and requirements in thefield of the Organization, make a decision conducive to organizationaldevelopment to ensure stable, healthy and sustainable development of theOrganization;
3, the active participation of the community and community hot topicdiscussions on major issues, an active women‘s voices, for more decision-making power and policy influence. Not because they do not understand can’tsay do not disdain also don’t want to say, but do not be afraid ofoffending people and not.
Second, the sense of:
And false words and not the mules that corresponds to our women andwomen‘s organizations are more light practice saying? The mules , manywomen‘s organizations at the grass-roots did a lot of work, but alwaysconsidered to be right , not to promote itself, did not let the communityknow more about yourself, which is very regrettable.
So, we want to establish a sense of communication, strengthen their public relations ability:
1, and the Foundation and other organizations to communicate: we womenshould learn to promote themselves and their team, to let people know aboutyour accomplishments, knowing your thoughts and ability to make a positiveand positive impression, it can also provide new opportunities for theirfuture development;
2, and other community organizations to communicate: to showcase theirexpertise, learning best practice and mutual complementarity, mutual winwincooperation, expand the scope of their work and share the stage, establish agood environment for organizational development;
3, communication within the Organization: cheerleader and coach,stimulate internal staff enthusiasm, release of staff work, team spirit, andpromote the development of the Organization;
4, communication with target groups: keep abreast of target group needs andfor specific target groups for the project and the work of the suggestions,and lay the Foundation for better services for the target group in thefuture.
Third, innovation
Innovation is mainly embodied in the following three areas: doing thingsthat others have not done, do other people do bad things, not doing thingsthat others do.
So, to develop their sense of innovation, their work and the team continueto grow, continue to grow:
1, their results do not meet, to have a change of consciousness, to be bold,not afraid of failure, which is a prerequisite for innovation;
2, in order to continuously learn new knowledge, new changes, found in theneeds of the community and its work points, which is the Foundation forinnovation;
3, from efforts to study new situations, explore new methods, new ways oftrying to put forward demand for newer, better, more in line with thecommunity‘s ideas and practices, this is an innovative approach.
4, in the process of innovation, constantly sum up experience, surmountingthe shortcoming, so that his work has a new look, new changes bring newsupport and services to the target population, which is the goal ofinnovation.
Four, gender consciousness
We do not rely on our gender, but to keep in play a woman specialist towork, but also to overcome some of the common ailments in women.
1, consider the issue more from the woman‘s point of view: the problem is inwhat‘s the difference between men and women? Men and women experiencedifferent?
2, femaleoriented quality culture, prominent female character strengths,such as compassion, tolerance, flexibility, understanding, bearing in mindthe male character of the benefits, such as vision, generosity, stronglogical thinking and so on;
3, personal style and glamour: from costumes to talk, stay feminine eleganceand generous, both to increase their self-confidence, can also lead toimpress others, give yourself more opportunities.
4, overcoming some common faults in women, small problems.
Five, sense of balance:
The balance of family and career on the one hand, on the other hand is thebalance between business and health, I do not want our friends areworkaholics, especially people living with friends, the body will never bethe capital of revolution, must understand that give, will be get, do not have to worry about without zitan baht to compete.
To learned do a “thousand hand goddess”, arrangements good body, and family, and career Zhijian of relationship; also to has “seesaw” of art, in body, and family, and career Zhijian looking for best balance points, sometimes in concern body Shang more pay some, sometimes in career Shang more pay some, sometimes in family in the more pay some, dang General Shang of also is balance of.
When we travel, ready for the family in advance, keep phones whiletraveling, networking, comes back to buy the family some specialty, is a wayto keep family;
When the work is going well, and the family shared elation when working whenthere is a problem, seek help from family, you know, family is always thebest backing;
No matter how you outside scenery or fail, how to reason or compromise, inthe family you are the gentle wife and loving mother, you will not change in the family, your lover, and more for children cannot be changed.
Of course, this balance must be established on the basis of family support,therefore, for family support and encouragement is all the work of theFoundation.


Finally, I sincerely hope that our women through its continuous efforts,coupled with social support and help, in the area of AIDS prevention and treatment to win your own piece of heaven and Earth, earn respect, wonplaudits, opening up a vast piece of heaven and Earth, a wonderfulinterpretation of the life.

Self-care ability of children developing effective strategies

Self-care ability of children developing effective strategies
Self-care ability of children developing effective strategies
Self-care ability refers to child care in their daily lives to work fortheir own lives. Simply put is self service, take care of yourself, it is aperson‘s most basic life skills. Helps to develop children‘s sense of responsibility, self-confidence and his ability to deal with problems, andwill have a far-reaching impact on the future life of the child. Old sayingsaid: five years of acquisition, as well as 60. This explains theimportance of children developing some good habits from childhood.
Case studyeducation
1. in the Jin dynasty, some children of powerful cock birds all day long,lived a life clothing mouth. Later, the war happens, scatter servantsescape, these children cannot ride a horse, rice won’t Cook, had to sit andwait for death. Now the children around us? Primary school Shi, dad sent, mother received, without himself go a step road, on even bag are is by parents back; to admitted to good is of high school, daily is learning, and learning again learning, hands-on of thing almost are not or without do; finally Shang has University, but they not hanging nets, not wash clothes, Shang University need please nanny, and part-time, even to parents accompanied, clothes pants with home “honor” parents or went straight to the dry cleaning shop……
Imagine if a man even his everyday wouldn’t do or do not want to do, how canwe expect him to do something for someone else in the future? As theancients said: a House do not sweep, sweep the world? as a result,activities to children are required, it is urgent.


2. when children are 4 years old this year (b) class of freshmen, one Park,he was a very lively, and his companions in a strange new environmentfriendly; can actively participate in the educational activities of teachers ‘ organizations. When eating, other kids are eating with relish, but he satthere look, and teachers how to encourage, praise, hope he do it yourself,but he just wouldn’t start. At first, we thought he was uncomfortable, youfeed him, he can turn his share of the meal eat it all. Can continuous days are such, we think somewhat strange, will and clearly of grandma understand clearly in home dinner of situation, only know original clearly with dad mother and Grandpa Grandma live in with, a age half of when, on can himself dinner, but eat have everywhere are is, also often sprinkled rice, Grandma too he put clothes lane dirty has, and think he too thin has should more eat points, so on not let he himself eat, and has been feed he dinner, results habit has didn’t want to himself dinner of habits.
Intelligence, ability to light
Current situation of China‘s one-child family, parents tend to pay specialattention to children‘s intellectual development, education, from prenatal care to one or two years taught early childhood literacy, singing, piano,drawing and, parent to child skills training investment is enormous, andneglects the cultivation of self-care ability of children. Tree of natureeducation to make parents think that children of young, don’t worry, childcare capacity are now taught not to teach, learn or not is a matter, grow upnaturally. As everyone knows, the opportunities for such practices deprivedearly self-care ability of children, so that children depend on others,becomes self-centered, selfish personality everyone else should work for me,parents should not give children opportunities for yourself, let them buildconfidence through exercises and finish they can complete tasks, and getsthe job done and proud of myself. This is young children build self-confidence, sense of achievement, independence, effective premise ofwillpower.
3. the Crystal children in kindergarten is a very good kid. She can do anything: their eating, dressing myself, by myself … … Also often helpsome weaker companion, is the leader in teachers ‘ eyes. Day morning Park,Crystal shoes back, by teacher after a reminder, she said, Grandma back tome. Good shoes to come over.
Parents ‘ excessive indulgence package
The above example is not difficult to see, children have mastered the skillsof shoes, but why did her parents continue to help? This should beattributed to the parents of the child spoiled children self-care abilityand they do not trust. Most children now mainly consists of Grandpa andGrandma, Grandpa and Grandma before enrollment, more favor to the thirdgeneration of the elderly after their retirement, they say, children, can’t bear to let children do this or that, if worn, what will happen? Dang children are active requirements himself hands-on Shi, parents produced has many of “fear” and “not trust” thought: children himself hands-on wear clothing fear wear not neatly, fear slow has sick; children himself dinner fear eat not full, fear off have everywhere are is, fear eat of slow rice cool has; children himself go fear tired with, fear knock with touch with; children himself wash fear made everywhere is water, fear wash not clean, children himself wipe ass fear wipe not clean, children himself sleep fear sleep not with, fear pedal quilt, fear dangerous…… So parents were deprived of the aspirations and opportunities of children hands-on
4 have two children both want to do it yourself wearing socks, loving theirmothers to meet their aspirations. When faced with a crooked when wearingone of children’s sweating, a mother angrily children shouting: I saidyou’re not, you want to be brave, nevermind, I’ll give you. The childrenmade this no longer willing to try to do things for myself. Bmother was delighted to appreciate one‘s own child: yo! Today, just put yourself in areally competent. Come, let Mommy look! Yeah, that’s good, direction andthen adjust if this place would be better. The children are encouraged tonot only getting socks neatly, and independent work and strong interest andconfidence of, over time, abilities and strong.
Improper guidance strategy of developing
Some parents also want to cultivate children‘s ability, the idea is good,but in the end, there was still no effect. The main reason was the trainingmethods were too simple, rough, impatient, dampening the enthusiasm of thechildren’s self-esteem and learning. When children first started working,often doing very slow, and sometimes even errors and is in need of thesupport and encouragement of parents to help improve so that childrenexperience to finish one thing their happiness, thus enhancing theconfidence in their work.

The girl’s healthy growth don’t need endless blame

The girl's healthy growth don't need endless blame1

The girl’s healthy growth don’t need endless blame
In the course of the child’s growth, it is inevitable that this or that kind of wrong behavior. These errors are often due to the child’s age is small, considering the problem is not comprehensive or do not pay attention to the cause of the majority is not expected to commit a parent or elders. Of course, some rebellious girl will be interested in using the behavior and parents against wrong. Even so, parents should not be strict with the girls, too much blame not only can not let the children to correct mistakes, often will make the child more serious resentment and resentment.
Experts believe that too much blame will not bring any help to the child. When parents blame their children, they have a good idea of the hearts of the original will be destroyed, so that children do not know what to do, and then make more mistakes, bring parents more blame. This vicious cycle continues, easy for children to frustration, to further the development of self denial, to Ebara encountered a panic will be difficult in the growth and retreat. What parents should do if they are not conducive to their growth?
1 control emotions, learn to encourage children
When the child has the wrong behavior does not recognize or unwilling to accept criticism, parents often can not suppress the anger, the instinct to blame the child.
There is such a problem in a questionnaire. When a child makes a mistake, what do you say to your child?. 53% of the parents answered. What are you doing, what?.. You see who is, people can not make mistakes!.
As we can see, some parents can not tolerate the child’s wrong behavior, these parents lack the place is mainly to have no consideration of the child’s feelings. They think, to remind the child to see other people’s achievements, to stimulate the child’s progress. But for strong self-esteem girls, often get the opposite of what one wants. Parents blame, more easily hurt the child’s self-esteem. If parents take a positive attitude, they will have a positive effect.
One day, the girl’s father saw her daughter in front of a sprinkling of milk in a daze. When he saw the next cup of milk, he understood what was going on. He did not blame the child, but went to the child, comfort the child said. Baby grow up, really good, want to take a cup of milk.. Then, my mother came to him. Sui Sui peace (pieces), annual growth. Don’t be afraid, you’ll get it next time.
The young parents not only did not blame the child’s behavior, but also to encourage the child, parents this positive attitude will let the children have confidence, will take the next time. Like this is good at using the psychological characteristics of the child, the child’s progress and efforts to give encouragement, it means that the child has accumulated a positive emotion, so that children feel good.
2 don’t too much to limit the behavior of the child
The child’s behavior has a lot of parents is “fear” word pawn, and activities for children limit child to wear with friends go out to play, parents fear their children tumble, fear of being bullied children to move a small chair, afraid of children encounter a child’s foot climb up onto the table to from a higher place downwards jump, no matter there is no danger, parents will shengsejuli be stopped. Some parents not only for children pipe head pin, too much interference, and the child’s behavior slightly substandard adults, unwarranted accusations. Studies have shown that a any action by excessively limit the children, is the most easy to produce dependence and cowardly psychological, when the child’s curiosity and courage is a pressed down time, the child will think he is stupid, what not to do. This will directly lead to the lack of independent spirit of the child, resulting in inferiority complex.
3 that your criticism must be used with caution

The girl's healthy growth don't need endless blame
We used to say that children are good, but now some parents think that the child is good for others. They can’t see the advantages of their children, see is child’s shortcomings and deficiencies, only know the children accused, so they always have a sense of satisfaction, in the children’s education lack of patience, but do not know how to help children overcome the disadvantages, so that some of the children of broken broken jar fell. We grow old by deserting our ideas. So, parents blamed the criticism of the child must be used with caution.
Parents should learn how to think about the benefits of children, thanks to the child to bring you happiness and happiness, so that parents will not always think of their children’s shortcomings, will adjust their mentality, less criticism and criticism of children, more to give them appreciation and encouragement. With the encouragement of their parents, the child will get a power, set up the confidence, on the road of growth, and constantly correct mistakes, overcome difficulties, and finally get a wonderful life.
Some people say. Accused as an agent of the “drug anthelmintic except disease. , these drugs. Only when necessary with caution. Inappropriate blame for child abandonment, in good faith for the kids to encourage confidence and courage. In the course of the child’s growth, parents less blame, more encouragement, can better help children grow healthily.