Parents want to give girls a full sense of security


Parents want to give girls a full sense of security
In modern society, more and more parents are like their own with a girl, because the girl lovely lovely girl Wen Rouru mother intimate. The Small cotton padded jacket. , don’t need to worry about parents too. However, because of this, many parents will ignore the education of girls.
As parents, we have to clear their own education and girls’ obligations, in the process of healthy growth of girls, give them a good comprehensive education environment, and do not wait until the children do not want to communicate with their own time, to realize the importance of education for girls. Of course, parents are the first girl to do, is to give the girl a sense of security.
Often hear some parents complain that adolescent daughter suspicious, do not trust parents, parents don’t exchange, puppy love, these are all manifestations of girls lack a sense of security. Girls lack of security, not only will affect the learning results, the impact of a friend relationship, serious or even self injury, adult may affect marriage and family.
On the third grade primary school girl Xiaowen not the spirit of school, and students are increasingly reluctant to communication, learning all the way down. In the teacher’s many patient persuasion, she finally say to the inner secret: her parents always at home quarrel, and often comes back home late, she is more indifferent, even with a lie to tell she is due to busy work, entertainment and more, is unable to attend to her. In fact, Xiaowen understands, the relationship between parents is to let her heart very badly. Usually, parents rarely communicate with her, a long time, Xiaowen has become a very shy girl. Go to bed in the evening, she always put her head in the quilt day at school, she is not willing to communicate with the students, not a bosom friend; every time the teacher to talk to her, she will quaking with fear.
Psychology research shows that children, especially 3 years ago, parents did not give girls a sense of security, which led to many things after the adult fear of things, the lack of confidence, particularly concerned about others to their own kind of law, always hope to rely on others, and others can help themselves and others in their own and others are not enough trust, people and things always have a skeptical attitude. Some girls will always feel sick, the fear of death, and so on.
So, as parents, should be how to give a girl full of security?
1 to give a girl with enough love
The child from a lifetime, began to look for love, she will judge the eyes of the mother is happy or unhappy, mother’s mood will greatly affect the child’s mood. Japanese pediatrician Mr. Naito Junaro had made a resounding slogan. Is it enough to love?. Remind adults to give the child enough love to look. In the eyes of love, there is encouragement, praise, criticism, and forgiveness. The girl grew up in the eyes of love, her eyes will be filled with love, regardless of any difficulties encountered, she would feel the eyes of love in support of her, encouraging her, making her sincerely feel secure and beat all the difficulties.
2 to give the girl enough caress
The child is the most favorite is the adult holding, regardless of the site encountered a stranger, or walking on the street, in the arms of the father always feel very safe. In China, by strictly subject to the influence of feudal thought, many parents are not with child f the habit of hugging, not deliberately to give children a warm caress, it will naturally distance between the child and the. Perhaps, we do parents, can try to change their own, occasionally to the child a hug, than she felt that her parents are her strong backing, regardless of any difficulties and setbacks, parents will stand by her side, so that the child’s heart will be filled with love.
3 give the girl enough appreciation


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Lincoln, the great president of the United States of America, once said. The human nature of the most strands of demand is the desire to be sure. Happy positive affirmation, that girl in the strict sense by their parents from the bottom of heart of love and joy, also will bring a pleasant feeling to the girls. Strengthen the girl’s positive performance, can make her to do more perfect. If your parents want to make the girl feel safe enough, with the appreciation of her life is very important.
Give a girl an important condition enough caress and appreciation, and the girls get along with guarantee. Parents should be as much as possible Pro comes with a child, don’t put the girl sent to boarding or foster care in the family home, for a long time to see the children, to give the child is abandoned by the parents to insecurity. During the day to go to work, the mother, to put more time in the evening to leave some of the girls, and girls together to play games, to give girls a book, to help girls make beds until sleep, etc.. For the sake of a girl’s beautiful life, please give the girl a full sense of security, let the girl in love in the atmosphere of healthy growth.